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Rito from HIC*'s "Norn's Dine" Review

Venturing into the world of "Norn's Dine," we find ourselves charmed by the lovable Rito, a large-breed dog beastman with a heart just as big. Illustrated by the talented Kauberu Ushizuo, Rito's design perfectly captures his robust and endearing nature.

Join us on a character discussion journey through 'Norn's Dine,' HIC*'s latest and upcoming masterpiece in the BL Game genre. Brace yourself for a thrilling experience filled with romance, drama, and the unique charm of Bara art.

Rito: The Gentle Giant of "Norn's Dine"

Rito from HIC*'s "Norn's Dine" Review

Rito's journey from the slums to the heart of this world makes his character one of a huge amount of history. With a build made for battle but a soul inclined to peace, he brings warmth and a sense of home to the establishment. His culinary requests, like a second helping of omelet rice, are delivered with such a genuine love for Asahi's cooking, you can't help but love this adorable guy.

Despite his imposing figure, Rito has a soft spot for the simpler pleasures in life, like the joy he finds in his work and companionship, which he deems different and somehow more profound than his previous life at the orphanage. I swear this guy! Ah! He's the embodiment of innocence in the game, reflecting emotion that will surely resonate with players.

As we await the release of HIC*'s "Norn's Dine," Rito stands as the game's promise: to deliver a game with characters complex but also soulful. His desire to repay Asahi's kindness is a tale of gratitude and loyalty. Already love this guy!

Stay tuned for more as we dive deeper into this upcoming Bara game that HIC* has promised will be glorious. 


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