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"Norn's Dine" Meet the Cast of HIC*'s Upcoming Boys Love Game

As the summer of 2024 draws near, the Boys' Love (BL) gaming community is abuzz with the latest news of an all-new 18+ title. HIC* is poised to make a grand entrance into the BL gaming scene with their inaugural release, "Norn's Dine." The game promises to deliver a concoction of romance, drama, and experiences, all 18+ galore.

Before we go on with the news be sure to watch the "Norn's Dine" PV below!

"Norn's Dine" News

The scenario for "Norn's Dine" is penned by none other than Chabashira Ichigo, known for the evocative "Beasts Giving Love." Chabashira's reputation for crafting deep, character-driven narratives suggests that players will be treated to a story that's both emotionally resonant and thrillingly seductive.

Artistic talents joining this venture include Haiki, Itto (Mentaiko), and Cow Bell Gozufu, whose distinctive styles are sure to complement the game's sensual themes. Haiki's main illustrations promise to draw in players with their bold lines and expressive characters that have become a hallmark of quality in the genre.

Some of Norn's Dine Characters

In an exciting addition to the world of "Norn's Dine," we have characters that are sure to be amazing. The main character, Asahi, is a 23-year-old human chef who loves to make people smile with his cooking. Standing at 175 cm and weighing 72 kg, Asahi is brought to life by the skilled illustrator Haiki. His philosophy is simple yet profound: "I love cooking. If my cooking can make someone smile, even if it's just one person... that's enough for me."

Joining him is Frederik, a 35-year-old human and the commanding knight at an impressive 190 cm and 110 kg, illustrated by Itto. Frederik's noble spirit is unmatched, yet he admits, "To be honest, I don't really understand what a 'proper meal' is."

The adorable Rito, a 20-year-old canine beastman and store clerk, matches Frederik's height but is slightly lighter at 100 kg. His favorite food is omelet rice, and his innocence is one of his most charming traits. Rito credits Asahi's omelet rice for being where he is today, as expressed by Cow Bell Gozufu's illustration.

Grant, a 36-year-old demon and guild master, stands at 188 cm and weighs 95 kg. His hobby is collecting perfumes, and he is characterized by his indulgent lifestyle. The artwork of nullQ captures Grant's provocative charm: "You heard me, brethren. Are you so shaken that you cannot see before you? Or are you just captivated because I am such a handsome man?"

The formidable Orpheo, a 40-year-old tiger beastman and mafia boss, towers over the rest at 203 cm and weighs a solid 150 kg. What he treasures most are his companions. Taro Bandit's illustration complements Orpheo's intense desire, as he says, "Such a slender neck... If I bit down seriously, it would snap easily."

Julio, a 24-year-old human adventurer, stands at a respectable 178 cm and weighs 80 kg, constantly asserting, "I'm not small! Everyone else is just too big!" Illustrated by Arima, Julio's pursuit of truth is evident in his flirtatious philosophy: "It would be rude not to charm someone who's attractive, right?"

Another adventurer, Lucas, is 28 years old, 185 cm tall, and 88 kg, with a sweet tooth for desserts made by Asahi. Haiki returns to illustrate Lucas, who is prepared to do anything to protect those he cares about.

Sidow, a 32-year-old former assassin and bovine beastman, stands at a daunting 199 cm and weighs 125 kg. His favorite activity is being patted on the head by his master, a tender detail brought to life by Cow Bell Gozufu's art. Sidow's bound life is articulated through his stark outlook: "I won't become weak. The day I become weak is the day I die. I don't need a me that isn't strong."

The enigmatic Laplace, whose age and species are a playful secret, is a laid-back character standing at 173 cm and weighing 70 kg, whose fate is a mystery he seems indifferent about. Itto captures Laplace's carefree attitude: "Huh? Why that reaction? You like my face quite a bit, don't you?"

And let's not forget Murmur, whose age and species are simply listed as "Murmur." This character is a pet with a love for Asahi's cooking, and while the details are as playful as the character, illustrated by Haiki, the affection Murmur has for the protagonist is clear through its simple expression: "Murmur... Murmur!"

Additionally, "Norn's Dine" is planned for a multilingual release, with translations being worked on concurrently with the game's development. The team is currently seeking collaborators to work on translations, specifically in English and Chinese, and interested parties are invited to reach out via direct message or through the contact page on their website.

This characters, each with their own unique backstory and personality, promise to create an immersive and thrilling experience for players, all set against the backdrop of a culinary backdrop. Yum! As we await further details to be revealed the interest for "Norn's Dine" only grows deeper.


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