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5 Furry Bara Visual Novels to Play

Bara Furry Visual Novels - where fantasy meets a wild imagination, and things can get... sexy real fast. Let's dive into some of the titles in this genre, shall we? Maybe you’ll get your next furry visual novel recommendation. Who knows?

And if you are looking for other Bara Visual Novels to play check out these recommendations:

5 Furry Bara Visual Novels to Play

Hero of Minotaurs

"Hero of Minotaurs" is a journey through a world where an injured hero encounters a tribe of friendly minotaurs. It's a spicy mix of fantasy and sensuality, with elements of mind alteration, growth, transformation, and yes, male milking. Developed by @KulPlant and written by @RabidRbbit, this game was initially released on Patreon. It's available in English and 简体中文 on PC, Android, and Mac. It's short but packs a punch with multiple NSFW scenes, a set of NSFW CG, and an alternate ending.

This full-on adult furry RPG is a character-driven narrative that follows an adventurer's mysterious awakening in a forest. It’s got its own original music, full RPG elements, and vivid adult content. Aimed at those who love gay story-driven games, "Small on Top" fills a niche that's often overlooked in mainstream gaming.

The Legend of Divinity

A romantic novel set in a magical world, "The Legend of Divinity" is about a wolf leaving his home to join a magic academy. The game intertwines themes of magic, battles, and duels with a deep narrative. Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, it’s a must-play for those who love a blend of sorcery and sensuality.

This game seems to be shrouded in mystery, but it promises to deliver an immersive experience for fans of the Bara Furry genre. Details may be sparse on the page, but the anticipation it builds is part of its allure.

Kibbleton University

"Kibbleton University" is a choice-based visual novel that mixes comedy, romance, and NSFW content. It's set in a university where players can build relationships and explore different storylines. The game features diverse art and storylines, thanks to its collaborative approach. It's a slice of life with a spicy twist and comes with a content warning for scenes involving hyper muscle and muscle growth.

If you love the fantasy world of minotaurs, the mysterious adventures in a magical forest, or the everyday drama of university life, there's something in the furry, bara genre for you. And if you're ever looking for more Bara to read, check out some great manga here.


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