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25 Furry Gay Visual Novels Recommended by the Furry VN SubReddit

Furry Visual Novels and Boys Love go hand and hand with fantastic storytelling. Also let's not shy away—Yaoi and Bara. You know, the heart-throbbing, pulse-quickening genres that leave you wanting more, and sometimes blushing like it's nobody's business? Yeah, I thought you'd relate.

So, here's the lowdown on a platter of Furry VN's and BL titles that either have BL-taste to them or are soley BL. I want to personally thank the Furry Visual Novel SubReddit for giving these recommendations. I will also be giving reviews on each of these once I play through them all.

25 Furry Gay Visual Novels Recommendations

A fantasy visual novel with rom-com vibes that lets you dive into various relationships and even has you doing taxes. Look, I'm sold.

Furry medieval fantasy with futuristic tech and NSFW goodness. It's like someone rifled through my diary.

Greek gods, mythological creatures, and a management sim all wrapped in one sexy package. Honey, I've already packed my bags.

Treasure hunting, romance, and a bulky barbarian? Sign me the hell up.

A magical tale with a dash of politics and a sprinkle of, ahem, intimate opportunities. What's not to love?

Quantum entanglement meets emotional angst, with a community vibe. I'm smitten.

Existential drama meets sci-fi thriller. They had me at "Do you think you can change the world?"

Sci-fi meets Boys Love with art that'll make your eyes—and other things—water. It’s like a visual novel had a baby with Blade Runner. Can't wait for the 18+ content, okay?

Cyberpunk, furries, family drama, and world-ending tech? Get out the neon lights and body paint, because it's gonna get gritty and deliciously adult.

Summer vacay turns into a murder mystery with supernatural seasoning. No 18+ tag, but let's be real, things will get intimate. I'm so ready to cry and type simultaneously.

Coming of age with sex, gore, and moral ambiguity? Sign me up! I'm already flushed just thinking about it.

New voice acting and updates are always fantastic. Get-well wishes for the artist melted my heart, too.

Wrestling plus adult themes? Count me in for every sultry grapple. Horrorbuns is a triple threat, and I’m salivating for the adult maneuvers.

Queer romance with musical themes? A guy who's clueless about music landing a job in a music store? Sounds like a fab serenade to my queer heart. I'm both worried and thrilled. Douglass city better get ready for some high notes.

Handsome pirates and nighttime depravity? Please and thank you! Nearly drowning but ending up with a smokin' pirate crew instead? Jackpot! Inclusive language options and the potential for endless fanfic? Sign me up, like, now.

Adorable otter Ari navigating love among bigger species? I'm already dreaming of the size-difference fanart. No branching paths, so we get to the NSFW goodness faster?

College life, homeschooled background, and a sprinkle of murder mystery? Suspenseful erotic moments? I'm a sucker for the whole package.

Dramatic fur-soap opera in the Gay Capital with estranged brothers? Tragic pasts and adult scenes? Sounds like the kind of messy I live for. A hotline for extras has me tempted.

1920s New Orleans with a troubled possum? Heads up for heavy themes, so tread carefully. Deep lore, M/M focus, and emotional intensity? The game's like a dark cocktail that demands your full attention.

Ah, a tease of NSFW content and a one-man-band situation? It's like the ultimate indie project with a hint of spice. Love it, adore it, I'm already sold. A wink to Mac users is like a secret handshake; you gotta appreciate that. So, yeah, I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one.

A former Demon Lord, you say? Ugh, that's catnip to my trope-loving soul. I can't resist the clash of demons and angels, it's like the yin and yang of my fangirl heart. And "mostly kinetic" means you're in for the ride but get to scream if you want to go faster. Ah, the duality.

Bound to a wolf soldier? And as a demon of Lust? The interactive lust-drama-adventure angle? Sweet heavens, just take my money and run with it.

Medieval romance? With complexity? Oh, that's a full course meal right there, not just an appetizer. And created in two and a half weeks? That's some commitment, I'm already emotionally tethered.

A blend of '80s nostalgia, amateur filmmaking, and folklore? Sigh, that's like the holy trinity of storytelling, sprinkled with the naughtiness that I absolutely live for. I mean, confronting repressed feelings? Relatable much?

A coastal city, a wolf, and investigators clashing? That's like the holy trinity of chaos and emotional reckoning. And still under development? The anticipation is like a slow burn, and I am so here for it.

And there you have it—your curated smorgasbord of Furry Visual Novels, Boys Love gems, Yaoi that would make you need a cold shower, and Bara that's just the right amount of beefy. Each of these titles promises to bring all sorts of feels, steam, and fantastical settings that you never knew you needed but now can't live without. Your to-play list just got a whole lot spicier, all thanks to the Furry Visual Novel SubReddit.

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