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‘In Case of Emergency,’ a Tail-Twitching Journey Through a Gay, Furry, Fantasy Love Quest!

Need gay, furry visual novels? Welcome to Boys Love Universe, where we cover everything Yaoi, BL Manga, Yaoi Manhwa, and—oh—so much more. Today, we're dipping our paws into the gay, furry visual novel world, and if you're someone who's into uncensored Bl or even furry BL you'll wanna stick around for this. To start we're diving into "In Case of Emergency," a game that's like a mocha latte—layered, frothy, and a little bittersweet. Now, when I first heard this was a fantasy visual novel with "role-playing elements," I was all ears—or should I say, all paws? It's a furry game, so naturally, I was expecting some "tail-twitching" moments. And boy, did it deliver.

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Firstly, let's talk about the story. Our protagonist, Kieran, is an almost-college grad who's well...lost. Poor thing fails his final semester and enrolls in summer classes, which no one wants to be in. Then—voilà—he finds this "mysterious staircase," because why not? Summer remedial classes just scream "portal to a dying world full of swords and magic," right?

So, basically, the plot blends college life's awkwardness with a dying fantasy world that desperately needs saving. Lost becomes found within fantasy.

As for the characters you can accrue points in different archetypes like "Alpha Chad," "Male Feminist," or "King of the Nerds," and the dialogue choices are chef's kiss. Who doesn't want to be King of the Nerds in a dying fantasy world, right? Each archetype opens unique dialogue and choices, making it feel like your decisions genuinely affect the story. That's more engagement than some of my past relationships. And most of the reviews on their Itch page state the same. This game just has so much engagement and routing choices that make you want to keep replaying.

Now, this is where the game shines—multiple love interests. Oh, it's a smorgasbord of fluffy adorableness and—I won't lie—some pretty steamy moments. Ahem, "tail-twitching" moments, indeed. Yeah bad joke. You can also opt for non-romantic relationships which is amazing for a game like this.

As for mature content yes, the game's got it. We're talking death, taxes, dick jokes, and sex—yes, you heard me, sex. Now, for those of you who prefer your fantasy without the saucy bits, you can toggle explicit content on or off. But if you're like me you'll leave that option toggled on.

Also for a small donation, you get some HQ art files and a 30-page PDF booklet, among other things. Which is pretty cool!

"In Case of Emergency" is a roller coaster ride that takes you through the ups and downs of love, self-discovery, and some action-packed adventures. It's honestly for anyone who has ever felt lost after or during their college years. The writing is engaging, the dialogue is witty, and the role-playing elements are pretty darn fun. The mature content is also not overwhelming at all, striking the perfect balance for thirsty souls like me.

I'll say it's a game that leaves its paw prints on your heart. If you're into fantasy, romance, and a good story to represent the furry community then this game is your holy grail. It's engaging, it's fun, it's everything you'd want in a game that asks you, "Who do you want to be?"


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