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10 Bara Games You Need to Play

Love Bara Games? Need more Bara stories in your gaming collection? Hold onto your PCs, because I'm about to guide you through the 10 Bara games that are sure to tickle your fancy and perhaps other things.

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Below are some Bara Games you will love to play!

Strange Screentime: Alphur

Ever fancied a chat with a demon who's clueless about humans? In this bite-sized visual novel, dive into 'Alphur,' an old chat program, and enjoy quirky conversations that'll lead you to Donnoroch, a demon with a curious streak. It's short, sweet, and strange in the best way possible. A perfect little escape when you need a break from reality!

Gym Beasts

Flex your muscles and your flirt game in this magical gay gym adventure. With the promise of monsters and more, this visual novel serves a unique blend of fantasy and sweat. It's a shame that it's only a first workout with no sequels, but trust me, it's a workout you'll want to experience.

Baradroid: A Gay Visual Novel

Get ready to delve into a futuristic love story where robots learn about love. This game is still flexing its tech muscles in development, but the promise of Live2D® technology and a synthwave soundtrack? Sign me up!

Mister Versatile: Versivion

For those who own Mister Versatile, get ready for an alien symbiote twist with Versivion! This DLC promises tentacle fun, a murder mystery, and a spicy mix of trust issues. The dynamic between Mister Versatile and Lascivion? It's complicated, in the most erotic way.

Hardcore Cruising

Welcome aboard the HMS Size Queen, where you'll help Milo become the sluttiest cabin boy. This is a game that's as sexy as its name suggests, with plenty of animated naughtiness and love interests that range from space explorers to tentacle-haired bartenders.

Those Days

Castr brings us a homemade NSFW romance called "Those Days." If you're into a farm-themed getaway with charming characters and a personal touch, give this one a go. Plus, supporting indie developers? Always a good move.

Epic Loads Guild Master

This RPG combines gacha, dating sim elements, and aliens. Help Heric build a band of handsome heroes to save the world. It's a game that's still growing, so jump in and help shape the experience while enjoying the, uh, epic loads of content.

To Trust an Incubus

This demo teases you with a taste of interdimensional love. Kenta's job in a lab with four incubi is anything but ordinary. The full game offers a choice-driven narrative, multiple endings, and... well, lots of bonding.

Chimeric Violet

Indulge in a low fantasy, excessively gay story with RPG elements. As the city collapses, you'll find monster-frolicking and character interaction that promise a self-indulgent, yet satisfying adventure. It's free, it's fun, and it's got monster lovin'.


It's a dating sim that prides itself on being terrible, with no save function and 69 bad ends. If you're into thugs, hugs, and the occasional 'ugh,' plus a bit of masochism, this one's for you.

There you have it—ten bara games that are sure to heat up your gaming nights. In it for the plot or the... other plots? There's something here to indulge your every whim. Enjoy, game and spread the love for Bara Games!

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