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The Ultimate BARA JAM 2022 Game Recommendation List

Excited for BARA Jam 2023 over on I played through a few of BARA Jam 2022’s games to prep for BARA Jam 2023 and I’m here to give a few reviews. Join me in a labyrinth of muscle, love, and all things delightfully explicit from BARA JAM 2022. Just a fair warning—this list is as NSFW as they come.

If you thought you were just gonna "experience college life," you're dead wrong. This visual novel puts you in the shoes of a young adult navigating friendships, mysteries, and—brace yourself—murder.

Why You Should Play:

  • In-depth plot

  • Unique sexual positions for love interests

  • Monthly updates

  • Mysterious undertones, with a sprinkle of murder

Tranquility Sunny Get Away

If you're craving something casual, maybe something you could finish while sipping rosé at a beach house, then you've found your match. This game is relaxing yet tingling, with multiple endings that'll keep you clicking. And let's not ignore the sprite dress-up feature—adorbs!

Why You Should Play:

  • Laid-back, casual gameplay

  • A beachy setting

  • Multiple endings to explore

Lost Parts Archive

Oh, this one is for the brooding souls. Dive into the experience of an archive just trying to do its job. It's mysterious, it's suggestive.

Why You Should Play:

  • Intense, dark themes

  • NSFW content is your choice (kinda like a choose-your-own-adventure of lewdness)

  • A focus on the gay male experience

Fall or Love

If the Archdemon wasn't sexy enough for you, don't worry—this game's got all sorts of hunks. It's like a smorgasbord of muscle and magic, and it's up to you to navigate this dangerous yet sexy quest. What are you gonna do, fall or love?

Why You Should Play:

  • Diverse cast of characters

  • Fantasy setting (Wizards and warriors, anyone?)

  • Concept of godly influence on relationships

Can I get a 'hell yes'? You've got a harem of beautiful men, all vying for your affection, they're as diverse as they are hot. Prepare to be spoiled for choice!

Why You Should Play:

  • Harem setting (because why settle for one?)

  • Intriguing plot

  • Diverse range of characters

Ruins; an acolytes of the Chrystal Story

I mean, who could resist a large orc tagging along on a mystical journey? This game gives you trust issues, but in the best way possible. Deep into the forest, you go!

Why You Should Play:

  • Explicit gay themes (Orcs included!)

  • Deep and immersive world

  • Multiple endings


The guessing game element of this makes it ridiculously fun. Not to mention the thrill of figuring out who among the three muscular hunks is, you know, mutated. Call it kinky, call it horror; it's all delicious.

Why You Should Play:

  • Erotic horror (Think sexy X-Files)

  • Multiple paths to explore

Asteria Stories: Entrapment

Prepare yourself for fetish content as Astra The BladeMaster navigates his twisted journey. It's a prototype, so don't get too attached. Or do, I'm not judging.

Why You Should Play:

  • Fetish content

  • High fantasy elements

  • Prototype thrill

Marble House: Remembrance

For those who are a little bit Clue and a little bit Cluedo, the murder mystery aspect of this visual novel is tantalizing. Help Lucas recover his lost memories, and maybe find more than just clues?

Why You Should Play:

  • Memory mini-game

  • Murder mystery plot

  • Luxurious spa setting

Each game on this list offers plenty of rippling muscles and heart-throbbing moments. From the suspenseful atmosphere of a murder mystery to the spellbinding allure of magical realms, there's something for everyone in the broad, beefy spectrum of Bara.

So go ahead, pick your poison. Will you venture into dark forests with orcs or remain tangled in the sheets with incubi? Maybe you're more the spa-day-murder-mystery type?

Happy playing, and may your fantasies become your realities. Ugh, that was cheesy, wasn't it? No regrets!


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