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Murumuru from HIC*'s "Norn's Dine" Review

Prepare to be immersed in 'Norn's Dine,' the upcoming and potentially sensational BL Game by HIC*. As we venture deeper, we'll uncover the tales of our cast and character-driven narratives that set this Bara Game apart. 

Up next on our character review series all about “Norn’s Dine” is Murumuru, our little creature companion that really changed my outlook on this game.

Murumuru or “Muru?!”

Murumuru from HIC*'s "Norn's Dine" Review

This little critter is an absolute sucker for Asahi's cooking, a love that dates back to Asahi's grandmother's time. Murumuru's world revolves around the kitchen, and its affection isn't just limited to Asahi. Rito, who aids Asahi and shares the delectable dishes, also holds a special place in Murumuru's heart. 

Murumuru is just the most adorable little creature I’ve seen in a BL game. HIC* went all out with Murumuru in order to give “Norn’s Dine” and its world much more life than just the NSFW scenes.

Murumuru: The Culinary Critic with a Heart

A creature whose love can be measured by the servings it gets. Murumuru has turned the simple act of eating into an art, rating the regulars based on a unique scale of culinary appreciation. With a personality as vibrant as the food it adores, Murumuru is set to add a dash of whimsy and warmth to "Norn's Dine."

As we edge closer to the release, it's the little details and characters like Murumuru that are going to make HIC*'s game a memorable experience. With a "Murumuru~" or a puzzled "Muru!?", this fluffy critter is ready to steal your heart, one bite at a time. Keep an eye out for Murumuru and get ready to join this charming creature in a gastronomic adventure in "Norn's Dine."

Remember to keep an eye out for more discussions about this game! Super excited.


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