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"Given: Hiiragi Mix" and "Super Ultra I LOVE YOU" by Centimillimental Launch

"Given: Hiiragi Mix" is dropping some serious heat with its latest promo, and let's be real, it's about damn time. Finally! It's a follow-up to a series that's been a game-changer in the boys-love/Yaoi scene. The manga started way back in 2013, and since then, it's been a rollercoaster of raw, real emotions that hit you where it hurts—in the best way, of course​​.

Now, onto the theme song – "Super Ultra I LOVE YOU" by Centimillimental. If you know anything about Given, you know their music is no joke. It's the soul of the series. This track? It's going to get under your skin. This song is set to be the kind of love letter that'll have you feeling all sorts of ways​​.

But hey, it's not just the story and the music. This team knows their stuff, and they're not here to play. The cast is stacked too, with voices that'll make you feel every damn word they say​​.

New "Given: Hiiragi Mix" Visuals

Given: Hiiragi Mix" Visuals

Diving deeper into "Given: Hiiragi Mix," there's more juice to this than just a sequel. The new visual revealed by the site? It speaks volumes about the depth and artistry of the "Given" series. This visual, alongside the announcement of Centimillimental's "Super Ultra I LOVE YOU" as the theme song, is like a one-two punch of awesome that fans didn't know they needed until now​​.

"Given: Hiiragi Mix" is shaping up to be a story that's already etched itself into the hearts of fans. It's about love, music, and everything in between. Mark your calendars for January 27th, 'cause this movie is going to be a trip. And trust me, you won't want to miss what "Super Ultra I LOVE YOU" is going to bring to the table of emotions.


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