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Love "Given"? 7 Boys Love Manga to Read from SubLime

You've binged 'Given', you've read all the volumes from SubLime, and now you're itching for something that'll keep that fire burning. Don't fret. Your BL (Boys' Love) guru Emily is here to spill the real tea. Here are your next SubLime reads if you loved "Given".

7 Boys Love Manga to Read from SubLime

Toritan: Birds of a Feather Cover

Look, if you thought Mafuyu and Ritsuka had that magnetic pull, Inusaki and his crow friend Kuro give new meaning to "birds of a feather stick together." Inusaki can freaking talk to birds, okay? But what gets crazy is when he starts to crush on this crow, and then—bam!—realizes a guy in his life sounds oddly similar to Kuro. Creepy? Cool? Hot? You decide.


SEVEN DAYS takes the trope of "Monday to Sunday love affair" and runs wild with it. We've got Yuzuru Shino, a third-year high schooler, and Toji Seryo, a first-year. Seryo's notorious for dating anyone who asks him out on Monday and then dumping them by the next. The feels this one gives you are so damn complex, it's like, are they just messing around, or is this love for real-real?


Naoto and Taichi were high school sweethearts until an ugly breakup. Fast-forward to college, and here they are, face-to-face again. Yikes! But also, yes! What makes this one killer is the tension. Forget "will they, won't they"—you're gonna be shouting at your screen, "JUST KISS ALREADY!"

Ten Count Cover

Shirotani has OCD. Kurose is a therapist. Cue the slow-burn love story that's so hot yet delicate, it'll have you questioning your life choices. It takes Shirotani through a 10-step program to help him, but it's not just the OCD that's getting uncovered here. The layers of these characters will keep you as entranced as Mafuyu's singing.

Old-Fashioned Cupcake Cover

You want some maturity in your BL? Here you go! Thirty-nine-year-old Nozue and his younger bae Togawa are navigating what it's like to be out and proud in a judgy society. The stakes are higher; the drama, just as gripping. From sneaky office romances to "are we or aren't we" vibes, this one's a steamy cup of adult relationship realness.

Candy Color Paradox Cover

Onoe and Kaburagi are like oil and water. One's a stickler for rules, the other one throws the rulebook out the window. They're coworkers forced to partner up, and the result is a deliciously chaotic, hate-to-love saga. Seriously, it's like a rom-com and a thriller had a love child, and it's fabulous.

His Favorite Cover

This one's the classic Ugly Duckling story but make it gay and make it fabulous. Yoshida's your Average Joe, while Sato is the school hunk. Sounds cliché? Nah, the plot twists will have you hunched over your device like it's the last episode of 'Given'.

Don't just sit there; go read! BL's got a universe of wonder waiting just for you. Dive back into that delicious angst and romance you're clearly addicted to! And get excited for the "Given" film "Given The Movie: Hiiragi Mix"!

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