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If You're Obsessed with 'Given,' Here's What You Should Watch Next

Do you love "Given"? Excited for the new "GIven" movie "Given The Movie: Hiiragi Mix"? We're diving into these Yaoi anime and BL series that will help you wait until the movie comes out. Let’s get one thing straight: all of these stories bring something unique to the table, and if you’ve been thirsting for more after binging “Given,” then your cup is about to runneth over.

6 Yaoi Series to watch if you love "Given"

Blue Sky Complex Cover

Blue Sky Complex

Rating: 9/10

Why? Because this one packs an emotional punch with a serving of complex characters. Narasaki wants a peaceful library life, but life throws him Terashima, a bad boy with issues. It’s that classic "opposites attract" thing but done so damn right. The tension between them in the quiet library? Electric. I could feel the pages sizzling. If you love the introspective moments in “Given,” you’ll be all about this.

Doukyuusei Yaoi Cover


Rating: 10/10

This title is, like, the coming-of-age BL done right. It’s got everything: a studious guy, a rockstar, and the complexities of high school romance. Licht Sajo and Hikaru Kusakabe may sound like stereotypes on paper, but trust me, they're anything but. The way their relationship blossoms is as organic as a Whole Foods produce aisle. Bonus? It also has a film adaptation that'll make you cry rivers.

Dakaichi Yaoi Cover


Rating: 8/10

It's not everyone's cup of tea because it's dramatic as hell, but it's the kind of drama you low-key live for. Two actors locked in a hot competition, not just for an award, but for each other's attention? Sign me the hell up. This one’s for you if you were into the complicated dynamics between Akihiko and Ugetsu in “Given.”

Umibe no Étranger Yaoi Cover

Umibe no Étranger

Rating: 9.5/10

Now, this one's a slow burn that you just can't look way from. You've got Shun, the openly gay aspiring novelist, and Mio, the reserved high schooler, who meet by the sea. Let me tell you, the emotional waves in this one are as powerful as the ocean tides. Years pass, life changes, but love? That's the anchor. The animated movie adaptation of this manga is also killer, by the way.

Yuri on Ice Yaoi Cover

Yuri on Ice

Rating: 10/10

What do you get when you put two Yuris and one Victor in a blender? A cocktail of raw emotion, intense competition, and sexual tension thicker than a triple-layer chocolate cake. It’s not BL in the traditional sense, but the connection between Yuri and Victor? That’s something to write home about. Like “Given,” it deals with performance anxiety and self-doubt, but swaps out guitars for ice skates. Also, the choreography? Chef's kiss.

Gravitation Yaoi Cover


Rating: 10/10

Gravitation is a classic that has stood the test of time for a reason. Shuichi Shindo is a young artist you can't help but root for, he's just such a lovable guy. The guy is trying to make it big with his band, Bad Luck, and he's also head-over-freakin'-heels for the mysterious Eiri Yuki.

If you're into the music and band life aspects of "Given," then Gravitation is your VIP pass to more. You're gonna get drama, you're gonna get passion, and yes, you're gonna get some absolutely insane love-to-hate-to-love dynamics. It's literally a gem!

If you love library rendezvous, high school heartthrobs, actor egos, ocean-side romances, or the adrenaline of competitive sports, then check out every one of these while we wait for "Given The Movie: Hiiragi Mix".


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