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"Tunnel Vision" Visual Novel with Boys Love Options - Review

Need new visual novel recommendations that have a touch of Boys Love to them? Good, because "Tunnel Vision" is here to slap you awake. Imagine being stuck in a room with no memory of how you got there, paralyzed from the waist down, and now you have to deal with a parade of freaky characters. Well, that's pretty much the gist of "Tunnel Vision”.

The whole premise on the Page kicks off with a harrowing poem about being trapped—emotionally, physically, and mentally—and that sets the stage for our protagonist, Suoni V Linnet.

A little bird inside a cage It only sees the bars Trapped there by another's rage Accumulating scars A lonely soul imprisoned Left lingering to rot Suffers tunnel vision Deadly and distraught...

The game takes us through their attempts to navigate a maze of psychological horror, starting from an empty room to a world where literally anything could happen. The entire thing was whipped up in just a month for the Spooktober VN Jam 2023, but don't let that fool you; this game packs a punch.

The psychological depth in "Tunnel Vision" is, for lack of a better term, batshit insane. From the get-go, you're introduced to eccentric characters—like a freaky mask-wearing entity, an overly enthusiastic child, and a seemingly sentient cat—that mess with your perception of reality. Let's not even talk about the themes of imprisonment, memory loss, and existential dread, which are all portrayed in an unflinchingly honest manner.

Tunnel Vision Linnet

Linnet is you, and you get to pick your voice and pronouns. The game really wants you to immerse yourself in this madness. Now, the supporting cast may look like something straight out of a horror film, but don't be fooled. Each interaction with them feels like you're playing Russian roulette. Who do you trust? What are their real motives? Are they even real? These are the questions that will plague you throughout this narrative-driven horror adventure.

And let's talk about the Boys Love aspect. Oh yeah, you heard that right—Boys Love options are available. Just because you're in a high-stakes situation doesn't mean there's no room for a little intimacy. But let me warn you, any romantic moments in "Tunnel Vision" come with their own set of psychological strings attached.

Here's the kicker: your choices don't just affect Linnet; they ripple throughout the whole narrative. And given that this is a psychological horror game, those ripples can turn into frickin' tsunamis of chaos. The game masterfully uses the choice mechanic to mess with your head. Are you making the "right" choices? Is there even such a thing as a "right" choice in a world that's so twisted? That's something you'll find yourself pondering as you navigate Linnet's plight.

The game doesn't rely on flashy graphics to freak you out; instead, it opts for a more minimalistic approach that makes everything even creepier. Your imagination fills in the gaps, and that's what makes it terrifying. The art direction adds to the eerie vibe, creating an atmosphere that's as unsettling as it is engaging.

The game's not for the faint of heart. We're talking blood, body horror, death (both human and animal, though you can avoid the latter if you wish), and disturbing language. If you're looking for a feel-good Boys Love story, you better get the hell outta here.

The game's available for all your typical platforms, but honestly, this is one of those games that feel like it could be well-suited for virtual reality just for that extra layer of "Oh my god, get me out of here!"

Tunnel Vision Gameplay 4

Is "Tunnel Vision" the perfect Boys Love visual novel for Halloween? Hell yes, and then some. It's not about cute boys and lovey-dovey relationships; it's about confronting the darkest corners of your psyche while navigating a narrative that could easily give even the most hardcore horror fans a run for their money. And remember, sometimes it's best to remain oblivious, but where's the fun in that? Keep the Yaoi cu…coming!


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