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Top 7 Science Fiction/Fantasy BL Manhwa on Lezhin Comics

The beauty of the BL genre is that it transcends across multiple genres. While we all love a more grounded, slice of life BL title that takes place in our universe, sometimes we want to experience a form of escape when we enjoy our gay romance. Boys Love and Yaoi does not often explore the fantastical realms of science fiction and fantasy, but when it does, there are a good mix of classics and cult titles (Ai no Kusabe is a dystopian sci-fi story that explores the prejudices of the class system in a gay romance. The Titan’s Bride took the internet by storm in 2020 with its anime adaptation about a human being courted by an 8’ tall Titan).

Lezhin Comics offers a variety of sci-fi/fantasy BL that are worth reading and here are my recommendations. I will be including a mix of completed and ongoing titles and will notate their status on each title. And now, onto the list!

Woof Wolf by Magoo (completed)


Min-woo and Jae-min are classmates at university. On a night out drinking with friends, Min-woo and one of his friends dismiss themselves when they realize that the full moon is out. Jae-min goes outside later and discovers his classmate walking with what appears to be a red wolf. Jae-min eventually deduces that the wolf is his classmate, Min-woo. And he is a werewolf! To keep Min-woo’s lycanthropy a secret, Jae-min asks him to have sex with him in exchange. What follows is a series of steamy meetups as the guys become more attracted to each other. Could there be something more growing between the two?

Woof Wolf is filled with sexy drawings and supporting characters that are as enjoyable as the main couple. What makes this title so cute is that Min-woo is not the typical terrifying werewolf we see in numerous fantasy books and films. Instead, Min-woo’s wolf form resembles more of a giant red-furred puppy. He is also cute in human form! Human or wolf, Min-woo’s a good boy! Jae-min has great character development, and does a lot of maturing as the story goes on. And he is a slut! How so, you ask? Well, you will have to read it and find out.

Bane of My Existence by Nellikang (Completed)


Set in the far distant future where humanity has settled across the galaxy, bounty hunters have been able to make a living catching criminals. Our protagonist, Rabby Johnson, doesn’t seem to be so lucky. One drunken night, Rabby accidentally punches his virginity card with a handsome, silver haired man. When Rabby sobers up and discovers what happened, he swears revenge on the “ass thief” and makes plans to capture him. The bounty hunter’s guild suddenly posts a bounty on a man named Kylot Hugo, the “ass thief” Rabby is looking for, and Rabby is even more keen to enact his revenge. What follows is a series of cat and mouse chases that end in bizarre erotic situations. But what is Kylot’s motivation? And why do they involve Rabby?

This BL is ridiculous, but in a good way. It does not take itself seriously and only exists for readers to get a good laugh and some sexy smut. Reading this felt like watching a Wile E. Coyote cartoon. Rabby sets up a trap for the ass thief to fall into, even something as ridiculous as laying a picture of his butt in the center of a rope trap. Kylot sees the trap and passes with ease and Rabby ends up getting caught in his own trap (that’s where the comparison ends). And then Kylot proceeds to have sex with Rabby, who he lovingly calls him a rabbit. Rabby is not a smart guy, but his hubris provides great comedy. Kylot is a sly fox, and a very playful seme.

My Calypso by Fairytale (Completed)


Hyun-min is out on a scuba diving expedition with friends near Malta when he is suddenly dragged down to the bottom of the sea. He then wakes up on the island of Ogygia, the home of the Greek goddess Calypso. To Hyun-min’s surprise, Calypso is not the goddess as described in Homer’s The Odyssey. Instead, Calypso is actually a god! Hyun-min tries to find ways to escape back to the human realm, but he ends up in multiple scenarios that gets him into trouble. This gives Calypso the opportunity to come to his rescue. Gradually, the two men draw closer together. Will this lead to romance? Will Calypso find love in his heart again after losing Odysseus millennia ago?

My Calypso is a recommendation for those who love Ancient Greece and Ancient Greek mythology. Unlike the other titles on this list, My Calypso is an all-ages title. There are some sensual moments throughout the story, but there are no depictions of explicit sex (BOO! HAHA). But this creative choice allows the story and the reader to focus more on the romance between Hyun-min and Calypso. Making Calypso a man adds an interesting twist to the mythology from an ancient culture that was very open to homosexuality. Plus, there is a cute little baby kraken! We all love cute baby animals!

Pian Pian by HAESIN (Completed)


In an alternate universe, humanity has “imprints” unique to each person. These imprints show the initials of their soulmate’s name, who can be anyone of any gender. Suha, a cook at a high-end Chinese restaurant, is a firm believer in finding his soulmate and wants to keep his imprint a secret for his soulmate. It does not help that his imprint is on his – um – little chef, if you know what I mean. To his shock, Suha has been having intense sexual dreams of his boss, Chef Calix. Uncertain about his sudden attraction to his boss, Suha tries to understand what is it about his boss that makes him feel certain things. And why is Calix so interested in him? Is this fate finally stepping in?

This title is considered fantasy due to the concept of imprints, even if the world is the same as ours. Pian Pian takes a deep dive into the themes of fate and destiny when it comes to love. It reminds one of Plato’s Symposium, which includes a story of how humans are two beings separated by the gods and humans on Earth seek the other half of their being (the story is best summarized in the song “The Origin of Love” from Hedwig and the Angry Inch). It is a long story (82 episodes, an epilogue, and six side stories), but it is a fascinating story to explore.

Dawn of the Dragon by Ma jeung ji (Ongoing)


Yoo Taehyuk is the heir to the Yooshin corporation. His family also has ties with an ancient dragon named Hyo-un, who has awakened from his slumber and plans to leave the family to seek his mate. When his sister is asked to meet with the dragon, Taehyuk takes her place. Meeting the dragon at his isolated home, Taehyuk attempts to be on his good side, but the dragon wants to do more than be friendly with Taehyuk.

Dawn of the Dragon is the latest BL title on this list. It completed its first season and is currently publishing new episodes of season two on a weekly basis. Online BL communities regard this title to be one of the best BL manhwas this year, and there are plenty of reasons for that. The couple have great chemistry. Taehyuk has a lot of sexual energy, which only grows more when he is with Hyo-un. Hyo-un, on the other hand, is a sweet soul, and his origin story is the central focus of season two. The art is gorgeous! But most importantly, compared to the other mature titles on this list, IT’S UNCENSORED!!!! YAY! Even in English markets, a lot of BL is published with penises blurred out (dubbed “lightsabers” by fans), but English licensors are slowly beginning to show the original comics without the censorship (we’re all adults, so I’m sure we can handle seeing a guy’s dick). So, if you primarily read BL for the smut (I assume that is almost all of us), then you are in for a treat! But the story is also fascinating and I cannot wait to see how it plays out.

I Was Reborn as the Villainess’ Father and I Need XXX to Survive!? by Cocoon Production (Completed)


Satoru is a salaryman whose life is not going will, especially in his love life. He gets killed in a hit and run, but is suddenly reincarnated into a fantasy world identical to the setting of an otome game his ex-girlfriend enjoys. Satoru is reborn as King Kenneth, the father of Princess Anastasia. Realizing his second chance in life, Satoru/Kenneth decides to try to change the story so Anastasia does not become a villainess and that everyone around him can have the happy ending they deserve. But Kenneth is cursed with a mysterious illness and the only cure for him is the sweet sexual embrace by sexy red-haired mage Vicar.

Iseaki has become a very popular genre in Japanese and Korean media, for better or worse. There are so how many of them are out there and hardly any of them are full on gay isekai (save for a few like The Titan’s Bride). If one is tired of isekai stories basically treading the same straight romance threads (or just heteronormative concepts in general), this BL will feel like a breath of fresh air. There are plenty of sex scenes to satisfy our BL/gay cravings, but both seasons of the manhwa (each one is 60 episodes each for a 120-episode run) have engaging stories that offers great worldbuilding and twists. An engaging story mixed with loads of gay sex? Count us in!

Blood and Love by Harsun (Ongoing)


College student Jiwon has always loved vampires since he was a child. In a world where humans and vampires coexist, Jiwon made it his goal to meet one in person and be friends with them. One night, Jiwon finds a handsome vampire feeding one someone’s blood, but the vampire disappears before Jiwon can even talk to him. The following morning, Jiwon discovers that his sunbae classmate, Yoon Seong-hyun, is the same vampire he saw last night! Finally putting a face to a name, Jiwon attempts to befriend the vampire with the intent to have Yoon drink his blood. Yoon, however, takes him to an isolated alley and ends up giving Jiwon a handjob out of misunderstanding. Navigating awkwardness and classes, Jiwon and Yoon meet up more often as a relationship forms.

To end this list, which began with a werewolf story, I am recommending a vampire story to even out the balance of supernatural beings represented here. Blood and Love just finished its first season, so there is plenty of time to catch up before the next season. But luckily there are side stories to enjoy! This manhwa is also uncensored, so this makes it a more enjoyable read!

What other science fiction/fantasy BL do you recommend? Feel free to share it with us!


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