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"Our Colors" by Gengoroh Tagame Review

Let's dive into "Our Colors" by Gengoroh Tagame a graphic novel that's making waves like confetti at a beach bash. Penned by the talented Gengoroh Tagame, who's already nabbed an Eisner Award for "My Brother’s Husband", this book is a vibrant journey through the rainbow of emotions experienced by Sora Itoda, a sixteen-year-old with a paintbrush for a heart.

"Our Colors" by Gengoroh Tagame Review

Sora's Palette of Emotions

In this tale, Sora sees the world in colors that waltz with his feelings, creating a mosaic of emotions that'll have you nodding in agreement. He's not just battling teenage angst; he's grappling with his identity as a gay guy in a society where that's still a work in progress. Tagame's use of color to express Sora's inner turmoil is like watching a sunset on a stormy day—beautifully intense.

"Our Colors" Gengoroh Tagame Book Cover
"Our Colors" Book Cover

Navigating Relationships with Nao

Sora's bond with his BFF Nao adds layers to the story. She's his rock, but societal norms keep nudging her towards a different role. Their friendship is a heartfelt journey of loyalty and resistance against the norm, showcasing the highs and lows of genuine connection.

The Mentorship of Mr. Amamiya

Enter Mr. Amamiya, the suave mentor who's cooler than a cucumber in a snowstorm. He owns a cozy coffee joint and proudly flies his gay flag, offering Sora a safe space to be himself. Their bond isn't about clichés; it's about real talk and genuine support. The mural Sora paints in the shop becomes a symbol of his journey towards self-acceptance, with Mr. Amamiya cheering him on every step of the way.

“Our Colors” Overall

Looking back, I really wish I had a book like "Our Colors" to navigate me through the maze of self-discovery when I was coming to terms with my own sexuality. Back in the '90s, being gay wasn't as openly discussed or understood as it is today. But now, with resources like this graphic novel, there's a wealth of information and shared experiences that can guide others on their journey.

More than just a coming-out tale, "Our Colors" delves into the essence of friendship and empathy. It's a reflection on identity, societal norms, and the beauty of simply being yourself. Tagame skillfully navigates the delicate balance between Sora's personal journey and the broader themes of love and hope.

The bond between Sora and Mr. Amamiya is portrayed with such grace and depth that it resonates profoundly. As I read, I couldn't help but wonder how different my own path might have been if I'd had someone like Mr. Amamiya to confide in. Today, technology offers the opportunity to connect with mentors and peers who understand, albeit with caution.

“Our Colors” Translations

Anne Ishii's translation beautifully complements Tagame's artwork, capturing the essence of his narrative with precision and elegance. "Our Colors" is a read that transcends labels and boundaries. Whether you identify as cisgender and heterosexual or not, this book offers valuable insights into seeing the world through a different lens. Dive into its pages, and you might just discover a new way of looking at the world.

"Our Colors" isn't just a graphic novel; it's a celebration of authenticity, friendship, and the courage to live in full technicolor. So grab your paintbrushes and dive into this rainbow of a read—you won't regret it.

“Our Colors” Photos

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