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Oni Onsen is Coming from Y Press Games and We're Stoked!

Screaming, because we've got the news that's hotter than a Yaoi doujinshi fresh off the press! Get your heart, your loins, and your Kickstarter wallets ready—Oni Onsen by Y Press Games is in the frickin' horizon. Boys Love Universe is totally stoked, and you know when we're stoked, you better be stoked, too.

If you've been living under a rock or something—no judgments here—Y Press Games is basically the Da Vinci of adult gay video games. They have been slaying the industry with hits like "To Trust an Incubus" and "Morningdew Farms." They don't just give you thirsty smut; they give you PLOT, which is something lacking in the Yaoi industry even today.

Oni Onsen Kickstarter Image

So what's Oni Onsen? Well, imagine feudal Japan, but make it SEXY. You play as Ronin Asano, a hottie who's gotta deal with four, yes, FOUR sexy Oni who've been trapped in his ancestral hot spring.

This game looks like it's gonna have everything with crave for Yaoi, sweet, quirky, and angsty moments that are as anime-like as you can get. Oh, and it's NSFW—duh. But here's the cherry on top: there's a HAREM ROUTE. Can I get a "hell yeah"?!

Seriously, guys, the art here is mouth-watering. Honestly looks like one of Y Press Games' best looking games to date, if you don't count Orc Covenant. You want ripped chests, piercing eyes, and smirks that practically whisper, "Come hither"? Oni Onsen delivers.

We at Boys Love Universe LIVE for this shit. This is what we eat, breathe, and write about. This is the kind of immersive, sensual storytelling that Y Press Games has been rewarding their backers for years now. This is their biggest goal yet, which means they're going all out.

Do you want to be notified when their raunchy NSFW demo is live? Do you want to snag exclusive custom rewards before they're gone? Click that "Notify Me On Launch" button like your life depends on it.

So let's help make Oni Onsen a reality. Unleash those wallets, grab those Early Bird rewards, and let's dive into the sexiest onsen you'll ever encounter! Keep the Yaoi cu...coming!


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