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Navigating the World of Love and Attraction in 'Eishi Tsuji Doesn't Do Love'

Looking for a new #yaoi to read? If you love drama, then "Eishi Tsuji Doesn't Do Love" is one epic fight you wouldn't want to miss. This roller coaster of emotions, desires, and denial is a page-turner from start to finish.

Eishi Tsuji, our main character, is one interesting person. Working overseas assignments, saving colleagues from street assailants, all while harboring a one-sided crush on Mimori. Truly a man who does it all. But Tsuji's unique way of handling things (opting for a friends-with-benefits arrangement) is the lighthearted escape we didn't know we needed. This "no-strings-attached" scenario is painted with an entertaining mix of humor and rawness that keeps you interested!

Now, what's a good plot without a twist? When Tsuji's secret love Mimori starts dating another man, we're thrown into a whirlwind of heartache and desperation. Tsuji's sudden, reckless confession is definitely amazing and interesting. It's this emotional desperation that brings out a side of Tsuji we hadn't seen. The brutal rejection that follows is a stomach-churning, but necessary scene, adding depth and human vulnerability to Tsuji's character.

Here comes Nakano, our wild card. Nakano's approach to the situation - helping Tsuji "drown his sorrows" in the most visceral way possible - is both scandalous and intriguing. And just when you think you've seen it all, Nakano declares his long-standing love for Tsuji, turning the narrative on its head.

"Eishi Tsuji Doesn't Do Love" is all about navigating the murky waters of love and attraction, told in a refreshingly unconventional way. Whether it's Tsuji's denial of his own feelings, Nakano's bold declarations, or Mimori's seemingly oblivious existence, every character brings their own flavor to the drama, making it a hearty meal of tangled emotions.

The art is also iconic.

Eishi Tsuji Doesn't Do Love Image

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars. Like my writing? Check out some of my work here on BLU. I typically review #Manhwa as well!

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