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Baking Steamy Connections: "The Baker on the First Floor" Manhwa Review

"The Baker on the First Floor" is a super cool #Manhwa that follows the life of Soo Sun Hwa, a comic book writer living on the outskirts of Seoul. Hwa has a tiny apartment that he can barely afford, but he's determined to pursue his dreams. He's creating comics about boys love. Even though Hwa doesn't have much personal experience, he believes it's the perfect genre to express himself.

Things get interesting when Hwa steps out of his cave and bumps into Moo Goong Ha, the new baker in town. Hwa tries to help him out and ends up accidentally showing him some steamy scenes from his comic on his computer. Awkward, much? Ha takes off, but Hwa can't help but wonder if there's something more going on between them.

The Baker on the First Floor images

Hwa has to deal with some real-life struggles too, like being broke and hungry. He's scraping the bottom of the barrel, no more instant noodles left. Can't even afford delivery, and his favorite Chinese joint stopped serving single dishes. He's eyeing the supermarket down South, but there's a catch. He wants to avoid running into Ha again. So he comes up with a brilliant plan: he'll wear a disguise and grab some ramen real quick. No way Ha will recognize him, right? But who cares if he does? Hwa thinks he won't even talk to him or anything. Famous last words, my friend!

The Baker on the First Floor images

Hwa finally decides to take Ha up on his offer to visit his bakery. And boy, does he get more than he bargained for! Hwa can't help but notice how Ha's got this showbiz vibe with his voice and looks. But things start getting seriously hot when their eyes meet. Hwa's feeling all kinds of weird sensations for someone he barely knows. And when Ha serves him a strawberry dessert and mentions wasted bread, it's like a foreshadowing of something bigger brewing between them. Read this manhwa to learn more! Be sure to check out my other reviews here on BLU!

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