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Manhwa Focus: A Peek into 'Legs That Won't Walk'

"Legs That Won't Walk" by Black Apricot certainly is an interesting yet somewhat concerning #manhwa. The tale of Sooyoung, a former boxer turned debtor, presents a interesting concept. The black-and-white art style lends itself perfectly to the noir-esque narrative, capturing the atmosphere of danger and fear that the story itself tells.


Sooyoung as a character has a lot of potential. He's a classic underdog, fighting against physical and financial adversity. Even after a rough injury, he's still all about throwing punches, now even more as he works off his dad's debt for this guy Taesung. Suyeong’s more bothered by people's pity than his messed-up leg, and he uses violence as his go-to way to communicate. Still, he's got a good heart underneath it all, stepping into danger to protect others. He’s got a weird view of his buddy Ji-Sung’s kindness, though, which throws a twist into the mix. It's got some cool points but feels a bit all over the place.

legs that wont walk

"Legs That Won't Walk" showcases the rough dynamic between Suyeong and Taesung, a money lender. Taesung, recognizing Suyeong, gets violent but later treats his injuries. Weirdly, Taesung wants to keep Suyeong close, drawn to his resilience. He decides to employ Suyeong to work off his father's debt, treating him like a bought pet he wants to protect. It's a dark, complex relationship that stirs up intrigue.

legs that wont walk

Ji-Sung, an old flame of Suyeong's, is desperate to keep him safe. Despite Suyeong's protests, Ji-Sung promises to support him through surgery and rehab. He's willing to do whatever it takes for Suyeong, even after spotting him with Taesung. Ji-Sung hopes they can return to their old life, offering Suyeong a gym job as a way to stay close.

legs that wont walk

Legs That Won't Walk" is a tense narrative driven by complex relationships. It portrays the struggles of Suyeong, caught between his past and his tumultuous present with Taesung. Intriguing, gritty, and filled with emotional tension, it leaves readers eager for what comes next. There are many more interesting characters and plot points but I dont want to spoil it. Check it out for yourself!


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