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Embracing LGBTQ+ History Month: 3 Ways to Join the Celebration

Guess what? It's that time of the year again: LGBTQ+ History Month! If you're like me, a proud gay man, then you're probably doing a little happy dance right now. And if you're not dancing, start! Because this month is all about celebrating our vibrant, rainbow-filled history. But if you're sitting there thinking, "Cool, what now?" – I gotchu covered!

What is LGBTQ+ History Month?

LGBTQ History Month is all about celebrating and recognizing the contributions, struggles, and amazing moments of the LGBTQ community throughout history. It's our time to shine!

Three Ways to Celebrate:

  1. Movie Marathon Time! binge-watch some iconic LGBTQ+ films or shows!

  2. Rainbow! Get artsy and crafty. Paint a mural, make a tie-dye shirt, or just bake a rainbow cake. Go on Pinterest there are SOOO many ideas hahah

  3. Local LGBTQ Spots! Dive deep into your local scene. Visit LGBTQ+ historical spots, landmarks, or even that bar down the street that's been a safe space for decades. I'm from NJ I LOVE going to places like Asbury Park during this time!

There you have it! So, this month do something to celebrate and also educate!


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