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Citrus Squad's Pride Month Activities!

The Citrus Squad, a community known for its inclusivity, is embracing Pride Month with a series of vibrant activities. These events aim to foster a deeper connection within the community and offer support for queer creators and business owners.

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The highlight of the squad's initiative is a regular Pride-themed giveaway. This unique giveaway promotes queer creators and entrepreneurs, providing them a platform to showcase their products and services. It's an innovative method to directly support queer businesses and offers participants a chance to win distinctive items.

But the celebrations extend beyond giveaways. The Citrus Squad has created the "queer confessional" channel, a safe and open space for members to share personal stories and experiences. This interactive channel invites dialogue, understanding, and empathy, strengthening the bonds within the community.

Additionally, the squad will hold engaging game nights and watch party streams, enhancing the community's sense of unity and enjoyment. The community will also coordinate a special day for members to showcase their Pride-themed make-up looks. This series of events, designed with a focus on diversity, acceptance, and self-expression, truly encapsulates the spirit of Pride.

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