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CitrusCon & FujoCon Mentioned at The Kadokawa Culture Museum

Calling all BL enthusiasts! The Kadokawa Culture Museum in Saitama hosted an incredible BL history exhibition. Both FujoCon and CitrusCon were mentioned at the event! This exhibition is a celebration of the vibrant BL community, showcasing the love, creativity, and unforgettable moments that these events have brought to fans and creators.

Check out this tweet:

Our friends at Citrus Con have become a beacon of inspiration within the BL world. So it is amazing to see them featured in such an inspiring event in Japan. Be sure to check out both CitusCon and FujoCon if you love boys love!


Citrus Con is a virtual 18+ convention dedicated to BL/queer media, shipping, fan works, and honoring how fan culture has grown in the past two decades.

As our name is a nod to the classic citrus rating scale, we wanted to create a space where older and newer fans all felt welcome.

At the convention, you will find numerous panels, streams, games, a Discord full of places to chat with other fans, and great merch and original works to purchase in our Artist Alley!

Our event is anti-harassment and open to lovers of any content who want to enjoy and celebrate with the wider community.


Our mission is to share our love of BL with the global community and to connect fans with top BL creators, academics, and content. We provide adult fans and creators a safe and fun space to share art, cosplay, and panels with one another through a virtual environment. FujoCon brings the convention experience online–for free–so everyone, regardless of where you live, can experience a BL con from the safety of their own homes while we continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our motto is “ship and let ship” and we expect our attendees to honor that. We do not condone nor tolerate any hateful behavior and will remove any attendees who display any sort of misconduct.


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