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Chapter Two of "Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru": Secrets, Surprises, and Sweet Moments!

Hey #yaoi fans! Chapter two of Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru is here, and it’s packed with surprises and emotional moments! Before you continue read my chapter one review!

The chapter opens with Shouta chatting with his friend about summer plans. He’s keeping his relationship with the famous actor Josh a secret, afraid no one will believe him. Feeling down because he misses Josh, Shouta walks home, only to be surprised when Josh shows up, grabs him from behind, and tells him to come along.

Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru

Josh whisks Shouta away on a surprise trip to America! They share a sweet moment, expressing how much they missed each other. However, Josh gets bombarded by his fans. They head to Josh's place to unwind and fall asleep together.

The next day, Josh invites Shouta to a party. Shouta is nervous, and things take a turn when party guests swarm Josh, leaving Shouta alone. Some guests mock Shouta's appearance, saying he looks too young for his age. This makes Shouta question if he should be with Josh, and he gets extremely drunk.

In a tearful moment, Shouta tells Josh he wants to be intimate, but Josh holds back. Shouta questions if it’s because of his appearance. Josh explains he was holding back because he didn’t want anyone to take Shouta away from him. Josh wanted to show his cool side at the party and didn’t mean to upset him. They share a tender moment, leading to a steamy scene where Josh expresses how much he loves Shouta.

Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru

Chapter two is amazing with sweet reunions, insecurities, and heartfelt confessions. If you're loving this yaoi, you’re in for another treat with this chapter!



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