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Chapter One of "Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru": A Steamy Start

Hey #yaoi fans! Ready for a hot and exciting start? Chapter one of Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru kicks things off with a bang!

The story opens with Shouta wondering why he's still single. Then, out of nowhere, an attractive foreigner falls right on top of him! This mysterious hottie begs Shouta for help, so Shouta buys him some food. They chat, introduce themselves, and Shouta learns his name is Joshua. And guess what? Joshua is drop-dead gorgeous! Things heat up quickly when Josh plants a surprise kiss on Shouta!

Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru

They spend the day exploring Japan together. Josh shares that he promised a late friend he'd visit Japan, and he calls Shouta cute (so sweet!). They have adorable moments together, and when they pass a theater, Josh gets all interested in the posters. Shouta, feeling nervous and flustered, suggests they watch a movie. Afterward, Shouta gets emotional and cries, which leads to Josh blushing and kissing him again. And then, well, they have some fun if you know what I mean!

Shouta, Kimi wo Aishiteru

The next morning, Shouta wakes up to find Josh gone. Feeling sad, he wanders around and bumps into the actor from the movie they watched. Turns out, Josh is the actor! Shouta is totally flustered as Josh explains he needed a break and found something special with Shouta. Just as Josh's agents show up to take him back, Shouta kisses him. Josh apologizes for leaving, they forgive each other, and they're just adorable together.

Chapter one is packed with romance, emotions, and steamy moments. Check out my general review of the manga HERE!



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