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  • Y Press Games Presents: Oni Onsen Kickstarter March 1st - A Steamy Gay Visual Novel Set in Feudal Japan

    On March 1st, 2024, gaming enthusiasts will have the opportunity to embark on a steamy journey as the Kickstarter campaign for "Oni Onsen" goes live. This stunning visual novel dating sim transports players to feudal Japan, where they will navigate romance. ABOUT THE GAME A visual novel dating sim set in feudal Japan with four love interests, and five routes–including a harem route! Samurai Asano was betrayed by his daimyo master, the warlord Sakuna, when they invaded his homeland. His ancestral onsen was taken from him and given Sakuna’s daughter, Mina, who uses it to help her father raise funds. Asano vows to get revenge by ruining the onsen. When Mina takes over the onsen, she unwittingly releases four oni who were trapped in an ancient sagemono. The grateful oni will protect Mina and thwart Asano, who ends up becoming a target for their pent-up lust. According to legend, the only way an oni can fully exit the onsen is by getting a member of the original family to fall in love with him. The oni take the word ‘love’ on the ancient scroll to mean something more physical… With its Kickstarter launch on March 1st, 2024, "Oni Onsen" offers backers the opportunity to support the development of this innovative visual novel dating sim. By pledging their support, backers can help bring this captivating world to life, ensuring that players worldwide can experience the thrill of feudal Japan's romantic intrigue. OFFICIAL ART Learn more HERE

  • 7 Kinky Furry Bara Games to Play!

    Imagine a world where fur and muscle are all the kinks you need. That's what these Bara games on are all about. Let me walk you through some top picks. Trust me, these are not your average visual novels; they're a whole new level of... interesting. Kinks, random stories or just plain fun. Need Furry Bara Games to Play? Check out these 7 on! High Seas “High Seas” is strictly for adults, featuring explicit content. Imagine surviving a shipwreck only to be taken hostage by a crew of furry pirates! While they're not looking to harm you, you're stuck with them until the next port. Navigate your way through this furry pirate world, making choices that could lead to romance with these sexy characters. Developed by Gatr Groh with art by Astarlos and music by Skipaay and blossomingRuin, it's an adventure of choice and chance on the high seas. Bullwhip “Bullwhip” plunges you into the heart of a gay romance set in a floundering wrestling federation. Once a center of attention, now it needs a hero. Could that be you? Pair up, challenge for titles, and find love along the way. Crafted with care, this project by Kartos, LapinSpaceMarine, BitterStrawberries, Tenshio Luma, and AudioCreatures evolves with each update, promising future 18+ content. Arcane Shop In “Arcane Shop”, you're Resque, a shopkeeper in a fantasy world, surrounded by furries: a wolf mercenary, a tiger knight, a bear mage, and a dragon shaman. Your decisions shape Resque's fate in this furry gay romance visual novel. Created with contributions from various artists and translators, this game offers an enchanting mix of magic and romance. Furry Bara Magical Academy Transported to a magical world in “Furry Bara Magical Academy”, you're a student at the prestigious Xyerlinn Academy, surrounded by furry men. This gay furry dating sim, created by orangelo and guran, with music by Kevin MacLeod, is updated monthly, offering both top and bottom content for all routes. Connected to the Magnalia world, it's a great experience. MM Master Edition “MM Master Edition”, set in a world where mythical creatures coexist with humans, offers a story of choices and consequences. You find yourself in a non-human nightclub, making decisions that lead to different endings. The game, finished in its current form, relies on your choices to navigate these encounters, brought to life with art by buccaner. Kinkteller “Kinkteller” invites you into Bobochi's world, running a family store that caters to the wildest fantasies through 'Deltape'. This game explores intimate desires and connections, offering a ton of kinks. Available in multiple languages, it is continually updated, with the English version following the Chinese release. Join the KinkTeller journey on Patreon and participate in its evolving story. The Curse of Something “The Curse of Something” is a unique text-adventure RPG focusing on transformation, be it becoming super fat or ultra buff. Battle monsters, make friends, or pursue other intimate encounters. With regular updates and new scenes like the Smug Kangaroo, this game challenges energy mechanics and offers routes for character growth. Follow along and contribute to its development on Patreon. So, there you have it. Seven furry bara games from that are sure to spice up your gaming life. It’s all for furry fun, and I'm pretty sure they'll keep you entertained for hours. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some, uh, 'research' to do on some more Bara games!

  • Which "Orc Covenant" Character Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

    Hey Bara and Orc fans, ever caught yourself daydreaming about which fantasy realm you'd fit into? If you're nodding yes while adjusting your specs, you're in the right spot. We've cooked up a quirky little quiz based on the "Orc Covenant" universe from Y Press Games that'll tell you exactly which character you are. No magic crystal "balls" here, just pure, sexy Orc fun. Take the "Which Orc Covenant Character Are You" Quiz We're not talking about picking your favorite kind of bread at the local tavern here. This is about your instincts, your choices in the heat of a sexy Orc's breath – metaphorically speaking, of course. Play the demo to actually get kinky with some Orcs. Ready to roll? From the muscle-bound warriors to the back-row spell flingers, there's a niche for every personality. And don't worry, if the closest you've come to a battle is arguing over some herbs and little critters, there's a spot for the pacifists too. Orc-ish Results This quiz might just be the most fun you'll have without having to memorize a single incantation. So let's find out where you'd stand in a lineup of orc and elf warriors! Navigate through the mystical fog of our personality questions and discover your "Orc Covenant" counterpart. Take the leap into the quiz and let's get on with these sexy Orcs!

  • "GYEE": The Gay Game You Should Be Playing Right Now

    If you're in the market for a new game and haven't checked out "GYEE" yet, you're missing out. This game is a blend of 3D turn-based RPG and card game mechanics, mixing in some amazing Bara art and aesthetics. Here's a closer look at why "GYEE" should be at the top of your gaming list. GYEE's Innovative Gameplay Mechanics "GYEE" stands out with its combination of RPG elements and card game strategy. This mix brings a new level of depth and strategy to the gameplay. If you're planning your next move in battle or figuring out the best combination of cards, "GYEE" keeps you on your toes. Rich Character Development One of the game's highlights is its well-developed characters. Each Gyee in the game has a unique background and personality, making them more than just tools for battle. As you progress through the game, you unlock their stories and form deeper connections with them, making things all the more personal. The developers' mission statement is one to read to hear what their plans or and who they are committed to as a company! "We are a diverse team trying to create something to express ourselves. We hope that everyone will see this game, and hope some will take it to heart. Some of us have been through very difficult times. We had doubts about ourselves when we were bullied and criticized. We were afraid to love. We know how difficult it is for minorities to fight for equality. But we believe that the road to self-recognition and happiness is always worth struggling for. We hope to honor those still fighting for equality and love through the story of the Gyees, which is full of hardship and hate, but also hope and love." Challenging and Satisfying Battles The combat in "GYEE" is both challenging and rewarding. The game requires you to think tactically about how to use your Gyees' abilities to their fullest potential. Mastering the combat system feels genuinely satisfying, especially when you nail the perfect strategy to take down tough opponents. Stunning Visuals and Art Design "GYEE" boasts impressive 3D graphics and a distinct art style that make it a visual treat. The character designs are detailed and varied, and the animations during battles add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Continuously Evolving Content The developers of "GYEE" are committed to keeping the game fresh and exciting. Regular updates bring new characters, stories, and challenges, ensuring that there's always something new to explore. "GYEE" is a game that offers a unique blend of strategy, storytelling, and visual appeal. Its innovative gameplay, rich character development, and continuously evolving content make it a must-try for any gamer looking for something new. So why not give "GYEE" a chance and see what adventures await you in this Gyee-rific game!

  • 12 NSFW "Full Service" Herculion Gifs for your Viewing Pleasure

    Love the Bara game "Full Service" by the great Herculion? Then look no further for some GIFs that will either convince you to play the game or to dive back into the game (again). Be sure to support the official release of "Full Service" by checking out the game's page and purchasing it for your entertainment. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. 12 Sexy "Full Service" Gifs to convince you to play the game If you're into hot guys and sexy stories, then you've got to check out "Full Service." This game is not your average walk in the park. It's an adult visual novel packed with all the juicy stuff you love about Bara stories, and it's set in a spa. Yeah, you heard that right – a spa. This is where things get steamy, quite literally! Why You Need to Play This Game Eye Candy Alert: Over 200 unique CG illustrations! Imagine that. You're not just playing a game; you're feasting your eyes on some seriously good-looking artwork. And with over 1000 variations. Romance Galore: Four main hotties are up for grabs, each with their own quirks and charms. You get to choose who to pursue. It's like having a virtual bachelor reality show at your fingertips, but better, because you're in control. Choose Your Own Adventure: With different endings for each character, your choices actually matter. It's like those choose-your-own-adventure books, but with more... adult themes. Unlockables: Who doesn't love bonuses? The game has an unlockable gallery where you can revisit all the artwork you've encountered. It's like a scrapbook of your steamy spa journey. Mystery and Intrigue: Beyond the romance and the hot guys, there's a story unfolding in Morningwood. Yes, the city's name is Morningwood – pause to get the reference. But seriously, the story is engaging and adds depth to your gaming experience. And Don't Forget the Official GIFs The Full Service official GIFs are a must-see. They capture the essence of the game in bite-sized, animated glory. Perfect for when you need a quick fix of your favorite characters. If you're into BL and adult visual novels, or if you're just curious, give it a shot. It's fun, it's flirty, and it's a great way to escape into a world of romance and sexy encounters. Just remember, it's for mature audiences, so make sure you're ready for the heat before you dive in!

  • 7 Yaoi Games on that are Super Cute!

    Need some cute Yaoi games for your collection? Love supporting indie game developers? Check out this list of 7 of the cutest Yaoi Games on that'll make your heart skip a beat. Get ready to dive into a world of sweet, spicy, and everything nice-y! Need more cute Yaoi Games? Check out this list! Just a Crush Ever had that moment when you're dying to tell your bestie something huge? That's Ryan's dilemma in "Just a Crush." He's got a secret burning a hole in his pocket for his best friend Elijah. The big question: will Ryan spill the beans? This game's like that first bite of a hot pizza slice – it's simple, but oh-so-satisfying. A Tavern for Tea Imagine a cozy little tavern where tea warms the soul, and demons and humans chill out together. "A Tavern for Tea" is your fantasy tea-brewing simulator slash visual novel. Brew the perfect cup, listen to some heartwarming stories, and get lost in less than an hour of pure, unadulterated bliss. It's like a warm hug in a game form. Monster Boy Doctor "Monster Boy Doctor" is where things get a bit wild. Think a newbie vet, a flirty cat boy, a punk rock wolf nurse, and a vampire inspector all thrown into a chaotic, stormy night. It's a perfect blend of crazy and cute, with a side of "did that just happen?" Seriously, it’s a rollercoaster of love and madness. WoodFruitPie Here's to firsts! "WoodFruitPie," a kinetic novel, is a sweet, high school love story that's as refreshing as a cold lemonade on a hot day. It’s the creator's first VN/game, and it's got this raw, genuine vibe that's hard to find these days. Clarity in Qualia Talk about a trip! "Clarity in Qualia" slams you into a story of self-discovery, love, and a bit of fantasy. Alyx, the lead, has to wake up from a coma by accepting himself – with a little nudge from his online buddies. It's  a journey to the center of the heart, and you're in the driver's seat. The Legend of Heavenly Mist Astor's sister pushes him into an adventure on Heavenly Mist mountain, and things get... interesting. "The Legend of Heavenly Mist" is like that unexpected road trip that turns into the story of a lifetime. With 17k words, 10CGs, and 3 routes, it's got tons and tons of choices and surprises. Kill the Prince?! Last but not least, "Kill the Prince?!" is your chance to play assassin at a royal wedding. Comedy, politics, and puzzles all wrapped in one. Will you go through with the assassination or find another path? It's quick, hilarious, and the perfect game to play when you need a good laugh. So these are just some of the cutest Yaoi games on that are sure to tickle your fancy and then some. Get your game on and let the love stories unfold!

  • Why You Should Back the Archania Tarot Kickstarter!

    As a Fudanshi for all things BL and gay art, we all have our favorite artists to follow on social media and Patreon. One of these artists is the master of Bara, Mazjojo. Over the last two years, he has been sharing artwork of his own tarot cards on his Instagram. After a long process, Mazjojo has launched a new Kickstarter campaign back in December 2023. At the time of this writing, the campaign has been backed by over 2400 people who have pledged a grand total of over $184,000 (its initial goal was $50,000). The campaign has unlocked most of its stretch goals. And there’s still 6 days left to make a pledge! In honor of Mazjojo and the success of his Kickstarter, I want to explain to you beautiful readers why you should back Archania Tarot. The first reason, and arguably the most important reason, to back the Kickstarter is because of the artist himself. Mazjojo is an incredible artist based in Indonesia who has mastered the art of Bara. For a time, he and a group of other likeminded artists were part of Black Monkey Pro, who have created 18+ comics, art galleries, and visual novel games. The group disbanded at around 2015-2016 so the artists can focus on their own personal projects. Mazjojo formed his own company, Mazjojo Productions and Herculion Games. His first project under his own banner was the hit BL visual novel, Full Service (which yours truly backed on Kickstarter many years ago). Over the years, Mazjojo juggled between Full Service, Patreon art galleries, comics, and is a contributing artist for the popular LGBTQ+ mobile game GYEE. Mazjojo’s art style is beautiful! The way he draws the male body takes inspiration from Bara artists of the past and blending the modern character designs of anime into his subjects. A good example that highlights his art style is this image of sexy Thai masseur, Kovit Chaiyarit from Full Service. His figure is lean and muscular, the ideal male form. There’s plenty of detail to capture the gay male gaze (male gayze?). The lighting highlights his muscular build on his arms, shoulders, and torso. The details of his six pack looks delicious! And his chest looks so inviting because of the muscles and the way his nipples are rendered. While the body takes inspiration from Bara comics, the face resembles how an anime character is normally drawn, especially with his eyes (which match his hair color) and the smoothness of his mouth line. Blending in with the masculinity of Bara art, Mazjojo’s characters are very attractive to the eyes. If you’re drooling over this fictional muscle man, you have to pay attention to how he’s posing. A lot of Mazjojo’s art resembles a pin-up. When he draws one man by himself, they pose in a way that’s so alluring that you are begging for more. It’s like the guy is flirting and teasing you. You feel the urge to touch his flesh. You want to do a lot of naughty things with him! And yes, Mazjojo draws his men in the nude, and then some. But why post an example of that here when you can purchase some of his art on Gumroad! You won’t regret it! 😉 And the second reason you should consider backing this campaign is to show your support for artists like Mazjojo, who want to show the beauty of homoeroticism and the male form in a variety of different mediums. The Archania Tarot deck is safe for work, though any form of nudity is artistic without showing full frontal or naked butts (except for the side of the hip). Here are some examples (and some of my personal favorites) that you can find in the deck. These images are shown with permission by Mazjojo. No matter if the projects are safe for work or not, it’s still difficult for gay artists to share their work with the world, even as the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community is growing. The internet is also a hard battleground, especially when social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and especially Twitter make it hard for gay artists to show their art without the risk of being taken down or suspended. Crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter and communities like Patreon have allowed LGBTQ+ artists to present their ideas to their audiences and they respond in kind. It warms my heart to see LGBTQ+ projects achieving their funding goals, and even exceeding them. This happened last year with BLits Games’ successful (maybe record-breaking) Kickstarter for Jock Studio and it will happen again with Mazjojo’s Archania Tarot. What do you get when you back the campaign? It depends on what level you back. The lowest tier is $10, which only gives you digital wallpapers for your phone and computer. Every tier afterwards gets you the tarot card deck. $25 gives you the deck, but the box is small, as well as the book that details the meaning of the cards. The ideal selection, and main reward, is the $40 set that has all the mentioned rewards, but the box and book are larger. The expensive $200 tier also gives you two exclusive cards that won’t be available anywhere else. No matter what tier you choose, Mazjojo includes a nice variety of add-ons: an A5 art print of The Emperor card, a pouch, a tarot reading cloth, three tapestries (The Sun, The Moon, The Star), extra decks if you want to get one for a friend, and an art book that highlights some of Mazjojo’s portfolio. Do you need to be into to tarot card reading to enjoy this deck? No, that’s not necessary. I backed it because I love the artwork! If you love homoerotic artwork of hot muscle men, then this deck will be worth getting. It was Mazjojo’s passion project, and he deserves all the praise for the art he has made. The campaign ends on Sunday, February 11th, 2024 at 10:01 pm Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to be among the first to grab this beautiful tarot deck! SUPPORT THE PROJECT! Kickstarter page Full Service And here are his personal pages: Gumroad store Twitter Patreon Instagram Facebook

  • Jirou Nagame "Camp Buddy" Review

    Need more "Camp Buddy" camper reviews in your life? Well next up is Jirou Nagame, Camp Buddy's embodiment of relentless energy and mischief. He's certainly a character that livens up the camp's dynamic and one we can't miss here on Boys Love Universe. Mikkoukun truly did capture the essence of fun with Jirou so let's start! The Endearing Clumsy Camper Jirou Nagame Jirou Nagame is your quintessential klutz, often finding himself in slapstick situations. But what he might lack in coordination, he more than makes up for with his enthusiasm for camp life and his determination to enjoy every moment, no matter how many band-aids it takes. With his spiky orange hair and sun-touched skin, Jirou radiates a vibe of motion and sunshine. His casual attire, punctuated with a lime green bracelet and a constant band-aid, is the uniform of a boy who's always ready for the next adventure, even if it's likely to end with a trip and fall. Jirou's Indomitable Spirit Jirou's boundless energy is the heart of his character. He embodies the idea that it's not the stumbles that define us, but our willingness to get back up and keep going. His misadventures never dampen his spirits, making him a source of positivity at the camp. His name, Jirou, meaning "second son," is a nod to traditional Japanese naming conventions and might hint at his role as a side character who supports and enhances the main cast's experiences at Camp Buddy. Fun Trivia As an original character by Mikkoukun, Jirou's development and redesign show a commitment to keeping the Camp Buddy world fresh and engaging. The fun fact about his natural hair color matching his... other features... adds a touch of realism to his design. Jirou Nagame may not have the most screentime or the most complex storyline, but his role at Camp Buddy is clear: he's there to remind everyone that life is a bumpy ride, and that's perfectly okay. Whether he's tripping over a tent peg or diving headfirst into a game, he does it with a grin that's contagious.

  • 5 Bara Games That Will Warm Your Heart (and Maybe More)

    Sometimes you just want a Bara Game that's more... well, beefy or even cute. I'm not talking about graphics or gameplay complexity – I'm talking about Bara Games with story, where the men are as charming as they are muscular. If you're looking for something to fill your evenings with a bit of warmth, here are five bara games that you absolutely must check out. 5 Bara Games to Play that are cute and sexy! Omurice Next Time This game is like a sweet slice of life, but with an extra helping of love. "Omurice Next Time" is an interactive storybook about Finn and Gray, a foodie couple living their best married life. You'll find yourself deeply invested in their simple, yet heartfelt, journey. It's filled with moments of joy, love, and some embarrassingly adorable awkwardness. Griffin Cyan, the author, infuses personal experiences into the story, making it feel incredibly genuine. And let's not forget – it promises to be relentlessly gay! Comfwee Café "Comfwee Café" is like a warm hug in game form. This game isn't about high stakes or fast-paced action. It's about comfort, pure and simple. You help three gentle waiters keep their café afloat, while they do their best to cheer you up. It's a soothing, heartwarming experience that's like chatting with close friends over a cup of coffee. Perfect for unwinding after a long day. Gnoll Way Home "Gnoll Way Home" is a wild ride. You wake up as a gnoll (yes, a big, muscular hyena man) in a world that's not exactly welcoming. This six-chapter visual novel isn't shy about exploring themes of sex, gender, and identity – and it's definitely NSFW. If you're looking for a game that's both thought-provoking and steamy, this is the one. Controlled Area: Eden For those who are into furry content and can navigate simplified Chinese, "Controlled Area: Eden" is a gem waiting to be discovered. It's a visual novel set in a futuristic world, telling the story of Sun Hong, a recent university graduate who finds himself in the year 2400. Expect intriguing characters, a fascinating setting, and, of course, plenty of steamy bara action. The Forest Legends And finally, "The Forest Legends." This game is a bit different – it's an epic about beast warriors, a thousand years of hidden history, and a prince's adventure into a cursed forest. If you're into mythology, legends, and, well, beastly men, this game will be right up your alley. Need more Bara Games in your life? This list has a bunch of sweet, slice-of-life stories or more adventurous, steamy tales, there's something in this list for you. Remember, these games are more than just eye candy (though, let's be honest, that's a big part of the appeal). They're stories of love, life, and identity that just happen to be wrapped up in some very appealing packages. Now, go on and explore these worlds – and maybe find a little bit of yourself in them.

  • Which "Jock Studio" Character (Jock) Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

    Hey, folks! Ever wondered which hunk from Jock Studio you're most like? I mean, who wouldn't want to know? Well, it's time to stop guessing and start clicking because the "Which Jock Studio Character Are You?" quiz is here, and it's as steamy as it sounds! Take the "Which Jock Studio Character (Jock) Are You" Quiz First things first, this quiz is brought to you by BLits Games, those geniuses behind some of our favorite BL games. You know them, you love them, and let's be real, you've probably drooled over their characters more than once. We're all guilty as charged! Now, let's dive into this quiz. Each question is a step closer to finding out which of these sexy jocks is your spirit animal. And the best part? Once you get your result, you're not just getting a name. No, sir! You're getting a full-blown profile of your Jock Studio soulmate. What he likes, dislikes, how he flirts, and, let's not forget, how he looks with his shirt off – it's all there. So, why are you still here? Go take the "Jock Studio Quiz" and find out which hunky character you are. Whether you're the captain of the team or the mysterious new guy, it's time to embrace your inner sexy jock. And who knows? You might just find a new favorite character to fantasize about. Just remember, it's all in good fun. So, quiz away, share your results, and let's all have a laugh about which Jock Studio hottie we're secretly (or not so secretly) crushing on. Enjoy! 😉

  • Meet John: "I Married a Monster on a Hill" Comic

    Read "I Married a Monster on a Hill" on Boys Love Universe! Hey there, fans of Boys Love, Yaoi, and Bara! You can now read "I Married a Monster on a Hill" right on Boys Love Universe brought to life by the creative minds at All Ages of Geek. Meet John, a dazzling whirlwind in the Boys Love Universe, featured in the hit series "I Married a Monster on a Hill." This man's a cocktail of contradictions - a senator and psychiatrist with an ex-military badge, married to his former boss, Thomas. He's the epitome of chaos meets charm, juggling his high-stakes career with a love for surfing, fitness, and, of course, a bit of harmless trouble. About John John is a member of the senate, ex-military, and a psychiatrist who is married to his former boss Thomas. He is serious at work but is a very chaotic, high-energy man who loves his family and friends. He is needy and has to be acknowledged all the time, can get sensitive and gets jealous fast, but is overall a great guy! He is very flirtatious and charming, and uses his charisma to get what he wants. He loves fighting for what is right but always gets himself into trouble or hurt doing so. John was very mistreated and abused by his corrupt family, suffering from loss and pain. When he was younger he only had Scarlett, his cousin, who he now considers a sister. He is extremely protective of her and will do almost anything to make sure she is safe and happy. She brings out the better side of him and helps him stay calm despite his short tempered behavior. He gets attached fast to his friends and does anything to protect them. John loves surfing, fitness, the outdoors, dates, and annoying Thomas in a loving way! ​ John values his relationship with Thomas and Scarlett more than anything. Thomas has given John stability and a sense of family. Thomas being a bit older helps John stay focused and responsible, which was a challenge in the past. Scarlett has been there for him through everything, and he wants nothing more than to make her proud. John may be very chaotic and emotional, but his love for Thomas and Scarlett is his driving force. He wants to make both of them proud while bringing joy in everyone's lives!

  • 'Love Amidst the Timeless Rift' Interview – The Visual Novel Yaoi Fans MUST Play

    We had the pleasure of chatting with the creator or "Love Amidst The Timeless Rift!" If you LOVE boys love and visual novels this is a MUST!  This FREE boys love visual novel is for PC and Android. Get ready for a fantasy romance adventure 1. Could you share the inspiration behind the creation of "Love Amidst the Timeless Rift" I created this game out of a passion for character-driven stories and LGBTQI+ romance, as well as a desire to challenge the clichés of love triangles. I wanted to make a game where players’ choices matter, and where diversity is celebrated with a narrative that is warm and fuzzy. 2. Were there any specific fantasy, romance, or adventure themes from literature, movies, or other sources that influenced the development of the game? I was inspired by a variety of sources, such as the folk tales of Divs, the romantic verses of Rumi and Hafez, and the modern genres of reincarnation and regression in manga, manhwa, and indie games. I wanted to explore beyond the common Greek and Roman myths, so I immersed myself in the rich and fascinating literature of the Middle East and Turkic regions, where I discovered amazing mythical beings that added depth and color to our story. 3. Tell us about the BL aspect to your game! I tried to make the characters as distinct and opposite as possible (even in their choices and reactions throughout the game) but with common themes that created a bond between them for the sake of wooing the MC. I always enjoy incorporating the theme of self-growth into the fiction I write, so I thought it would be great if they had a moment of realization or a soliloquy of self-improvement that, when expressed with love, would turn into a sincere confession. I had a blast writing the two characters and the voice actors enhanced the experience by voicing them in different ways as well (with one being bright and loud and the other being deep and shy). 4. What inspires your unique art style? We blended character traits, fantasy elements, and animal features to create our game’s art style, which highlighted or contrasted the story’s themes! 5. Can you elaborate on the creative process behind designing the game? This was our first project, so we started with a brainstorming session and chose the elements we liked best without a clear plan. For instance, our initial idea was to have a forbidden romance in a workplace setting. But as we talked more, we opted for a fantasy world and made the conflict more personal, such as dealing with insecurity or jealousy in love. We also set more concrete deadlines and tasks for ourselves. We completed the demo and then updated the assets and the script for the full release. The most difficult parts of this process were the start, where we had to settle on one concept and set an outline, and the middle, where we had to overcome the exhaustion of the jam rush and the demo launch. But it was all rewarding when we finished the game on June 25th. 6. Are there any specific features or mechanics that make this game stand out from other visual novels in the same genre? To enhance the partial voice acting quality of this game, we used full sentences instead of barks, especially for the emotional scenes, to immerse the player in the magical fantasy world. We also paid attention to various details in the art, such as dragons, objects, and accessories, to make the game more appealing. Our skilled artists created adorable chibi art that suited the cozy mood we aimed for. Additionally, the choices in the game have hidden dialogue that can only be unlocked by making specific decisions, which adds to the replay value of the game. 7. Goals for 2024? For game development, I have plans to collaborate with another producer and participate in otome/josei jam, as well as work on a solo project for yaoi jam 24. I’d also like to learn more about programming so I can create mini games that would make interactive fiction like visual novels more engaging. 8. Where can folks support your game? You can support our game by visiting our page (…) and leaving a rating or a comment. I always appreciate hearing from fans about what they enjoyed about the game and any feedback they have. Also, if any streamers want to play this game and share their playthrough of it, I’d love to watch it as well!

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