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Enjoy the Hott Characters from Velvet React a Boys Love Game!

Get ready to dive into Velvet React, a Boys Love game (releasing July 9th 2024) where the characters are as hot as the climate crisis it portrays. In a world reshaped by chaotic events, food shortages, and an energy crisis, "humanoids" have emerged, and they're here to save the day—and maybe steal your heart.

Velvet React

Meet the Characters in Velvet React

Velvet React is packed with characters you'll love to follow, each with their own quirks and charms. We are going to showcase 5 of them! Check out the rest here!

Velvet React

Walter: The main guy, Walter, is the first humanoid recruit in the Special Organization Ord. He's got the efficiency of a robot but the heart of a human, making his journey both heroic and heartwarming. A total hottie!

Velvet React

Koshiro: He enjoys showing off his muscles to others and believes that everything can be solved with muscles! A total cutie.

Velvet React

Aito: The tech wiz of the group who is also a shy person and is always acting nervous. So cute!

Velvet React

Miyabi: Tsuyukusa handles things strictly with rules and believes everything should come after the rule. A total babe!

Velvet React

Rail: He is a party animal with wealth, talent, and beauty. We love a good flirt!

Velvet React

The Dynamics in Velvet React

The game dives deep into what it means to be human—or humanoid. The relationships between characters are packed with tension, understanding, and those awkward but adorable moments that make your heart skip a beat. Also the art is amazing...SO YEAH!

Why You’ll Love Velvet React

Velvet React

Velvet React has it all: eye-catching characters, interesting story, and plenty of emotional ups and downs. It's a win for everyone.

Velvet React is a standout in the Boys Love genre, blending romance, sci-fi, and drama into a must-play game. Be sure to check it out to learn more!

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