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Y Press Games Presents: Oni Onsen Kickstarter March 1st - A Steamy Gay Visual Novel Set in Feudal Japan

On March 1st, 2024, gaming enthusiasts will have the opportunity to embark on a steamy journey as the Kickstarter campaign for "Oni Onsen" goes live. This stunning visual novel dating sim transports players to feudal Japan, where they will navigate romance.

Oni Onsen


A visual novel dating sim set in feudal Japan with four love interests, and five routes–including a harem route!

Samurai Asano was betrayed by his daimyo master, the warlord Sakuna, when they invaded his homeland. His ancestral onsen was taken from him and given Sakuna’s daughter, Mina, who uses it to help her father raise funds. Asano vows to get revenge by ruining the onsen.

When Mina takes over the onsen, she unwittingly releases four oni who were trapped in an ancient sagemono. The grateful oni will protect Mina and thwart Asano, who ends up becoming a target for their pent-up lust.

According to legend, the only way an oni can fully exit the onsen is by getting a member of the original family to fall in love with him. The oni take the word ‘love’ on the ancient scroll to mean something more physical…

With its Kickstarter launch on March 1st, 2024, "Oni Onsen" offers backers the opportunity to support the development of this innovative visual novel dating sim. By pledging their support, backers can help bring this captivating world to life, ensuring that players worldwide can experience the thrill of feudal Japan's romantic intrigue.



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