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We Interviewed BLoved Publishing!

We had the pleasure of chatting with BLoved Publishing: "BLoved Publishing is an American Publishing Company specializing in translating and publishing popular Korean BL Manhwa and Novels into English in addition to Chinese Danmei, Baihe and BL Manhua in partnership with Monogatari Novels. Dive into captivating stories and immersive worlds brought to life through our meticulous translations for English readers to enjoy in physical print for the first time. Stay tuned for exciting upcoming releases as we continue to bridge cultures through the power of storytelling." Check it out to learn more about what they are working on! SUPPORT HERE

BLoved Publishing

Tell us about BLoved Publishing

I’m a Korean born adoptee and spent the first 6 years of my life in Korea. I was adopted by a white American couple and was raised in an English speaking predominantly white environment. I lost all of my Korean heritage. I discovered BL accidentally over a decade ago and have been in love with the genre for a long time. I have always been a fan of Korean BL but was disappointed with the limited number of these amazing works that have been translated into English, so I decided to start the company to bring new Korean titles into the English market. It’s also my way to reclaim my lost Korean heritage.

Tell us what fans can expect to see?

BLoved Publishing

New titles; light novels, novels, manhwas, mangas, manhuas, but mostly focusing on Korean, ranging from the popular to lesser known titles and creators. The titles that fans want to see in English print.

Goals for BLoved Publishing

To increase the availability of Korean titles in the English market.

Tell us the challenges of being an independent Publishing company?

Bigger companies take longer to know us and trust us.

Biggest success story?

Confidential for now :P

Where can folks support your work?

BLoved Publishing

Both through our website as well as by buying the titles when they get released and following my social media accounts for news and updates. I love to interact with fans so I make myself available to anyone who wants to talk about all things BL. I encourage people to message with any and all feedback and questions.



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