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"My Brother's Husband Volume 1" Gengoroh Tagame Review

Let's dive into "My Brother's Husband Volume ," a series that's stirring up some serious emotions. Yaichi, our main dude, is a stay-at-home dad in Tokyo, living the suburban life with his ex-wife Natsuki and their little girl, Kana. But their world gets flipped upside down when a big, friendly Canadian named Mike shows up, claiming to be the widower of Yaichi's estranged gay twin, Ryoji.

"My Brother's Husband" Plot Summary

So, Mike's on this mission to dig into Ryoji's past, and the family reluctantly takes him in. What unfolds is a raw and touching glimpse into Japan's mostly closeted gay scene: how it's influenced by the West and how the next generation can change old mindsets and prejudices.

"Manga panel showing three characters, including a large man holding a giant piece of tempura sushi with the title 'Chapter Two: Tempura Sushi' above them.

What Makes it Shine

There's nothing to hate about this series. If you're into manga or graphic novels with a mix of humor and heavy topics, this is your jam. I've been a fan of Tagame's work for ages, especially his more adult stuff, but "My Brother's Husband" hits differently. The art's spot-on, balancing playful expressions with serious moments. But what really nails it is the writing. Tagame pours so much emotion into every page that you'll find yourself tearing up without even realizing it.

Personal Connection

As a gay dude who came out early, this story hit close to home. It dredged up memories and feelings I hadn't touched in years. The struggles and triumphs of these brothers, plus the presence of Mike, Ryoji's husband, and Kana, Yaichi's daughter, make for a tale anyone can connect with. Plus, there's a live-action adaptation in the works, so fingers crossed they do it justice!

Manga panel depicting a man lying face down on the ground with the word 'Ryoji...' above him. Below is a close-up of another man looking concerned.

Overall Impression

I stumbled upon this series online, and I couldn't hit "buy" fast enough. I snagged both volumes and devoured them quicker than my dinner got cold. It's a powerful story about culture clashes, family dynamics, and breaking down barriers. The art? Top-notch. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a heartfelt read that'll stick with you long after you've turned the last page.

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