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Hooked by a Merman – A Dive into Love in "This Boy Caught a Merman"

Let's talk about "This Boy Caught a Merman," because I can't contain my excitement! I have to say, it's a heartfelt little gem I did not expect to stumble upon, but boy am I glad I did. It is a 28-minute OVA but definitely worth the watch.

This Boy Caught a Merman

The narrative is simply endearing. Shima, our main character, is in deep sorrow over his grandfather's passing – a universal human experience, right? But then the story takes a whimsical twist when he is saved by a merman, Isaki, in the middle of his grief-driven ocean plunge. An unlikely friendship (or maybe more?) starts to bloom in the most unexpected place - Shima's bathtub. It's as surreal as it sounds.

This Boy Caught a Merman

And can we just appreciate the organic character growth here? Seeing Shima go from a gloomy, introverted character to someone who is visibly happier and more sociable is rewarding. But hey, it isn't just a one-way street. Isaki, who starts off as this mysterious aquatic entity, slowly opens up.

This Boy Caught a Merman

This isn't just a love story – it's an exploration of loneliness, the importance of expressing your true self, and the courage it takes to step out of your comfort zone. The animation style was also a standout aspect. It's simple, clean, but loaded with emotions and saturated color. Every frame in this anime served a purpose and added depth to the story, making it a pleasure to watch.

Now, I won't give away the ending because spoilers are evil, but I will say this – grab your tissues because you're in for an emotional rollercoaster ride. So, if you're up for a one-of-a-kind anime that combines elements of romance, drama, fantasy, and real-life struggles, then do yourself a favor and dive into "This Boy Caught a Merman."

Final thoughts? Watch it, love it, thank me later! Be sure to check out my other reviews here on BLU.


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