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Grant from HIC*'s "Norn's Dine" Review

Grant, the rugged guildmaster of "Norn's Dine," is a character who I'm personally excited to learn more about. He's the real deal, the kind of guy who's as comfortable in the heat of adventure as he is in the warmth of Asahi's kitchen. So let’s talk!

More about Norn's Dine

Prepare to be enchanted by the upcoming sensation in the world of Boys Love gaming – "Norn's Dine" by HIC*. Dive into a world where Bara artistry, intense storytelling, and unforgettable characters collide, promising an immersive gaming experience. Exactly what the Bara gaming genre has always needed. 

With the game's release on the horizon, HIC* is promising an epic saga of love, drama, and, let's be honest, some pretty steamy moments, all wrapped up in the expressive Bara art that Haiki and the artistic team have so brilliantly crafted. 

And now back to our little review on Grant from “Norn’s Dine”!

The Protective Brother-in-Arms and Culinary Connoisseur

Grant from HIC*'s "Norn's Dine" Review

Grant's no stranger to the dance of swords and the whirl of guild politics, but it's his personal life that really sings a song of debauchery. Despite the chaos, he's got a soft spot for Asahi, acting as a stalwart guardian angel in leather and steel. And when it comes to food, well, Grant's a simple man: if it's made by Asahi, it's delicious. Period.

A Story of Debauchery and Depth

As the days count down to the game's eagerly awaited release, Grant is shaping up to be a character who'll steal the show with his mix of badassery and brotherly love. His story is set to be a rollercoaster ride that'll have players hooked, earning "Norn's Dine" a proud spot of HIC* games.

We have only gotten a glimpse into "Norn's Dine" and its characters like Grant, but the excitement for this exceptional BL Game only intensifies. I know it’s done this to me which by all means I’m just refreshing the X/Twitter page for more information, and seeing what some translations can provide us all!


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