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Check Out TOKYOPOP's Latest Trailer for 'Love Murder Basketball Volume One'

Tokyo Pop just dropped the trailer for "Love Murder Basketball Volume One." It's a fresh visual take worth checking out. If you're into the series or just curious about it, give the trailer a watch to see what's new!

ABOUT Love Murder Basketball

As the son of one of the most infamous Yakuza bosses in Japan, Shoto Tanaka's life has been anything but average. Then he meets the most popular athlete in Japan, Goro Nakamura. Goro is used to putting on a show for the public, and since he comes from a family of wealth and notoriety, he's frequently in the limelight. Shoto, like many others, is captivated by his icy charisma.

What Shoto isn't aware of is that Goro is also the infamous 'Animosity Serial Killer' of Japan. In what ways will Goro and Shoto's profound devotion to one another and their various ideologies impact their complex relationship and those around them?

This book contains explicit content and mature themes, including uncensored sex, bondage, violence, gore, and torture. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.


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