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Bara Game "Oni Onsen" Cancelled on Kickstarter?

Oh boy, where do we even start with the potential of "Oni Onsen" being cancelled over on Kickstarter? It's like watching a ship you've painstakingly built set sail, only to hit an iceberg named Reality. But, let's focus on the crux of the matter here: Bara Games and their perennial struggle for recognition and funding on platforms like Kickstarter. A struggle that is, frankly, a bit too real and too close to home for many of us in the community.

Oni Onsen Demo Video

For those out of the loop, "Oni Onsen" is a Bara game project that's been trying to find its footing on Kickstarter, battling against odds that seem more stacked than a well-built character from its genre. And no, that's not a flirt; it's a fact. The game aimed to break the mold, asking for what it genuinely needed to pay its creators a living wage and cover the myriad of development costs – from art and programming to music and sound design. Admirable, right? Yet, here we are, staring down the potential cancellation of a project that promised so much passion and dedication.

What happened with the Oni Onsen Kickstarter?

The Kickstarter campaign for "Oni Onsen" started off with a handicap – a vendor hiccup that led to a missed opportunity for early promotion and wishlist additions. And as the campaign progressed, the harsh reality set in: even with over 1,000 followers pre-launch and a history of a successful campaign for a similar game, reaching their goal remained a Herculean task.

Why does this matter? Because it underscores a larger issue within our gaming community and crowdfunding platforms: the underrepresentation and underfunding of Bara games. Compare this with other genres that regularly see their Kickstarters not just meet but exceed their goals, and the disparity is as clear as day. It's disheartening, to say the least.

Oni Onsen Image of one human man with long, black hair kissing a guy with yellow skin, pointy ears, horns and long black hair in an onsen.

Bara games, with their stunning art and content, deserve better. They offer something beyond the mainstream, yet they're often left scrambling for crumbs at the funding table. It's not just about "Oni Onsen"; it's about every Bara game creator who's had to scale back their vision or, worse, abandon their projects entirely due to financial constraints.

So, what's the takeaway? It's a call to action, my friends. A plea to not only support projects like "Oni Onsen" but to advocate for more equitable funding opportunities for Bara games. Whether it's through spreading the word, contributing to campaigns, or simply engaging with the creators, every little bit helps.

The journey of "Oni Onsen" may be uncertain, but let it serve as a rallying cry for all of us who treasure the Bara genre. Let's show that these games are not just niche interests but vibrant, vital parts of the gaming ecosystem that deserve to be seen, played, and celebrated. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about funding a game; it's about supporting a community, a vision, and a dream. And who knows? With enough support, "Oni Onsen" might just make it to the finish line after all. Here's to hoping and, more importantly, to acting. Let's make it happen, guys. No, seriously, go support!

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