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3 Must-Play BL Visual Novels by Xue Lian That Will Steal Your Heart!

Xue Lian's BL visual novels are a thrilling ride for fans of the genre, offering a variety of stories that are sure to keep you engaged. Here's a quick glimpse into what you can expect:

Xue Lian

'Set in a brightly-colored Wuxia world with beautiful music, fun battles and amusing love interests, Douya and the Golden Scroll is a not-so-family-friendly BL visual novel that's guaranteed to make you laugh! Or cringe, depending on your mileage.'

Xue Lian

'While cutting through the garden of a deserted house to get to college, Randy discovers an old music box. As the tune begins to play, a love story begins to unfold.'

Xue Lian

'Rich, decadent, luxurious. Mingle around and explore Lord Harlowe's castle on a moonlit night filled with wine and music. Beware, however, for not every man you meet there is as fine as you might think, and not every room or item has a dignified purpose! Even those that do can be sullied.'

Whether you're in the mood for a historical escapade, a contemporary saga, or a fantastical expedition, there's something in their collection for every BL fan.


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