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11 Bara Furry Games to Add to Your Gay Game Collection!

Get ready for a wild and furry adventure with these 11 Bara Furry Games that'll tug at your heartstrings and maybe raise an eyebrow or two. Trust me, these games are a romp in the woods but they're also a journey into love, mystery, and some pretty quirky scenarios. So, let's dive in!

11 Bara Furry Games that will be your next gay game obsession!

The Human Heart

This game is a cozy little number where you, a human, are looking for love in a world full of mammals. With seven lads to choose from, each with their own charms, it's a journey to find the one who understands your human heart. It's safe for work, so no blushing needed here. Keep an eye on the two versions, though; one's got more story, the other's got the latest goods.


Get ready for a blend of college life, spiritual awakenings, and, oh yes, three cat spirits. It's a tale of balancing the modern world with folklore, sprinkled with same-sex romances and adorable cat dudes. This visual novel gives you a peek into a world where gods and spirits are just another part of daily life.

Light My Way

Step into the paws of Lucian, a fox dealing with unnatural powers. This kinetic novel is all about unraveling mysteries and navigating a life filled with love, hate, and deceit. The story keeps growing with monthly updates, so there's always something new to explore.

Dino Nite

This one's a quirky concept involving inter-dimensional dinosaurs and a night at the museum. It's in early stages, but the idea alone is worth a look. Who wouldn't be curious about dimensional jumping with dinosaurs?

Rusty Punk

Survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangers and, well, some steamy moments. It's an 18+ adventure, so expect some adult content as you navigate this harsh yet intriguing world.

Bitter Sweet Memories

Play as Azure, a misunderstood wolf hybrid, and explore the complexities of friendships and fate. It's a story about reuniting with friends and discovering how life has changed everyone. This game dives into the depths of relationships and dreams.

Call of Cthulhu

Battle it out against Cthulhu's army in a game where strategy meets action. Upgrade your characters, unleash powerful skills, and survive the onslaught. It's available in both English and Spanish, offering a bilingual battle against the famous cosmic entity.

The Silence that Embraces You

A romantic visual novel with a twist of fantasy, mystery, and a touch of horror. Greebent, the protagonist, is on a journey to uncover family secrets and confront supernatural incidents. With mature content, this game delves into deeper and darker themes.

Dinner with Blan

A short and sweet visual novel about the cuteness of cooking for someone special. It's a heartwarming story that adds a dash of tenderness to the world of furry games.

Uncommon Breed

This RPG/Visual Novel combo is all about how your relationships impact the story and combat. Follow the story of a former Demon Lord in a sleepy town, where magic and mayhem are part of the daily grind. It's a mix of charm, challenge, and a bit of magic.

Where the Demon Lurks

A mostly kinetic visual novel with a sprinkle of fan service. You're an ex-Demon Lord trying to keep a low profile, but the magical world has other plans. It's a lighter game, but with enough twists to keep you engaged.

There you go, a lineup of Furry Bara Games, each with its own fantastic adventure. Something heartwarming or a bit risqué? There's a game here to satisfy your adventurous spirit. And remember, supporting these creators helps bring more such wonderful stories to life!


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