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Which "Orc Covenant" Character Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Hey Bara and Orc fans, ever caught yourself daydreaming about which fantasy realm you'd fit into? If you're nodding yes while adjusting your specs, you're in the right spot. We've cooked up a quirky little quiz based on the "Orc Covenant" universe from Y Press Games that'll tell you exactly which character you are. No magic crystal "balls" here, just pure, sexy Orc fun.

Take the "Which Orc Covenant Character Are You" Quiz

We're not talking about picking your favorite kind of bread at the local tavern here. This is about your instincts, your choices in the heat of a sexy Orc's breath – metaphorically speaking, of course. Play the demo to actually get kinky with some Orcs. Ready to roll?

From the muscle-bound warriors to the back-row spell flingers, there's a niche for every personality. And don't worry, if the closest you've come to a battle is arguing over some herbs and little critters, there's a spot for the pacifists too.

Orc-ish Results

Orc Covenant by Y Press Games Screenshot

This quiz might just be the most fun you'll have without having to memorize a single incantation. So let's find out where you'd stand in a lineup of orc and elf warriors! Navigate through the mystical fog of our personality questions and discover your "Orc Covenant" counterpart.

Take the leap into the quiz and let's get on with these sexy Orcs!


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