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The Boyfriend: Japan's First Same-Sex Romance Reality Show Premieres This July

The Boyfriend, Japan’s first same-sex romance reality series, is shaking up the dating show scene. This groundbreaking series will air every Tuesday starting July 9, with a total of 10 episodes released in four weekly installments.

Imagine a beachside paradise where nine men are searching for love. The “Green Room” beach house, nestled by the sea, is where they’ll live for a month. Between building friendships and working shifts at a peppermint green coffee truck, these guys will have plenty of opportunities to discover who they really are.

The Boyfriend

Hosted by a fantastic mix of personalities, including MEGUMI, Chiaki Horan, Thelma Aoyama, Durian Lollobrigida, and Yoshimi Tokui, this show promises lots of fun and unexpected moments.

Dai Ota, the executive producer and Netflix Japan’s manager of live-action originals, shares the heart behind the series: “We wanted to focus on the friendships and personal growth of these young men, not just their romances.”

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend’s teaser trailer features the song “Dazed & Confused” by Korean indie rock band Glen Check, setting the perfect tone for this heartwarming series. Three teaser posters, including an illustrated piece by Korean artist Son Eunkyoung, have also been released.

Curious about what relationships will blossom after a summer at the beach? Find out when The Boyfriend premieres on July 9, only on Netflix.




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