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Sir Blackheart and Sir Goldenloin Make "Nimona" a Heartstring Tugger

Alright, buckle up "Nimona" fans! Today we are analyzing Sir Blackheart and Sir Goldenloin and how they (to me) are the center focus of the graphic novel and movie. Netflix has decided to take a swing at "Nimona," and by all means, they've hit it out of the park. But despite Nimona being a chaos energy character we have seen in series like Arcane with Jinx or tons of anime, the real heartstring tuggers in this story are Sir Blackheart and Sir Goldenloin. Their tangled past, complicated present, and hopeful future is the compelling subplot we all needed. If the movie just focused on these two it would still be a great hit.

The Past: Training, Trials, and Tribulations in "Nimona"

Sir Blackheart and Sir Goldenloin Past Gif

Blackheart and Goldenloin, before they adopted these awe-inspiring titles, were just Ballister and Ambrosius, two lads training at the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics. A classic setup: one meticulous and by the book, the other more loose with the rules but darn charming. Their dynamic was a medley of respect, rivalry, and a bond that hinted at more than just friendship. The big turning point? An accident during a jousting tournament, a moment that changed their trajectories forever.

The Present: Foes or Friends?

Fast-forward to the present, and we've got a unique situation on our hands. Blackheart, now branded the villain, and Goldenloin, the poster-boy for the Institution. Yet, their past connection haunts their every interaction. Each battle between them is laced with hints of regret, longing, and even a tad of affection. But it's not all angst and drama. There's humor and warmth, making their relationship feel more layered and real.

The Future: What's in Store?

Sir Blackheart and Sir Goldenloin Kiss Gif

This is where things get exciting. By the end of the movie, we're left with a glimmer of hope for these two. Their bond, though tested and strained over the years, still holds strong. And that final scene? If that's not a teaser for a possible future together, then I don't know what is. The potential for further exploration of their relationship is immense, and I, for one, am all for it.

The Gay Dads AU: An Interesting Angle

The 'Gay Dads AU' takes Blackheart and Goldenloin's relationship a step further, imagining them as fathers to Nimona. It's a creative spin that adds another layer of depth to their characters, making them even more appealing. Plus they are gay dads which just makes it cuter.

Why Blackheart and Goldenloin Steal the Show

Sir Blackheart and Sir Goldenloin Hug Gif

Nimona, as the central character, is similar to Jinx from Arcane, chaos. I'm not a huge fan of chaos type characters since it's been an overdone trope since early anime days. Jinx from Arcane is a different story and has been since League lore, but let's get back to the point. For me it's Blackheart and Goldenloin who truly steal the show. Their relationship, marked by history, regret, affection, and hope, is the emotional anchor of the narrative. And it's not just about the representation, which is top-notch. It's about the realism, the relatability. They're two individuals grappling with their past, their identities, and their feelings for each other, all while navigating a world of good versus evil.

The Potential for an Adult-Focused Spin-off

Given the depth and complexity of Blackheart and Goldenloin's relationship, I firmly believe that a series or movie focusing solely on them would be a hit. It would allow for more in-depth exploration of their past, their evolving dynamic, and the hurdles they face in reconciling their roles as "villain" and "hero" with their feelings for each other. And, with an adult-focused spin, the narrative could delve into more mature themes, offering a richer and more nuanced depiction of their journey.

Since we focus exclusively to just gay media and Male x Male relationships here on Boys Love Universe we all agree Netflix's "Nimona" is a fantastic watch for the beautifully portrayed relationship between Sir Blackheart and Sir Goldenloin. Their shared history, the depth of their bond, and the promise of a shared future make them one of the standout elements of the movie. Whether as fathers in the Gay Dads AU or as the potential leads in their own spin-off, these two characters have left a mark that won't be forgotten any time soon. Here's to more Blackheart and Goldenloin content in the future.


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