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Only Friends: A Steamy Treat for Boys Love Fans!

"Only Friends" is a sizzling Thai drama that's perfect for all Boys Love fans. It follows a group of business students running a hostel and explores the blurred lines between friendship and romance.

Mew, the studious protagonist, has put his love life on hold until he meets Top, courtesy of his hostel buddy Boston. Boston intended it to be a one-night stand but it turns into something more and he isn't happy about it.

Meanwhile, there's a love triangle brewing between Sand, who wants an exclusive relationship with Ray, but Ray has his heart set on Mew. And let's not forget IT guy Nick, who stumbles upon a spicy surprise on Boston's phone, leading to a steamy friends-with-benefits arrangement.

"Only Friends" has humor, drama, and plenty of spicy moments . If you're a Boys Love fan, this series will keep you wanting more and more!

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