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Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1: Gay, Bara Manga from Bruno Books Review

You can't talk about Japan's manga scene without bringing up the legendary Mentaiko Itto. His gay mangas are a mix of humor, charm, and sensuality that have made Bara fans swoon worldwide. Thanks to Bruno Gmünder, English-speaking readers can now enjoy his work with the release of "Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1: Gay Manga". Didn’t know? 

Fun fact, this was published back in 2016, but hardly any bigger websites or blogs talked about it in the states. Shame, but that’s why Boys Love Universe is here to review!

(Click the image to find out where to purchase "Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1: Gay Manga" to support the original release!)

Why check out Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1: Gay Manga

Mentaiko Itto’s Work is a Celebration of Art and Fun

Bruno Gmünder, who’s already given us English versions of Mentaiko Itto’s "Priapus" and "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is back at it again. And this time, they’ve outdone themselves. This poster book is a perfect gift for any Bara fan, showcasing Itto’s stunning illustrations in a large-scale format (also super HD)  that’ll make you want to plaster your walls with his art.

And now, here's an intimate and dreamy scene from the "Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1." This poster beautifully captures a passionate underwater kiss between two lovers. The serene blue hues of the water contrast with the intensity of their embrace, creating a mesmerizing and romantic atmosphere. The way their bodies are entwined and the subtle details, like the scattering fish, add a magical touch to the moment. It’s the perfect blend of sensuality and tranquility.

Vibrant and Detailed

The posters in this book are more than just pretty pictures. They’re a riot of color and detail, capturing the essence of what makes Mentaiko Itto’s work so beloved. Each page is a new adventure, bursting with life and character. Itto’s talent for blending humor and eroticism shines through every page!

This is another example from the "Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1." It showcases a group of guys in school uniforms, with a fun, casual vibe. The playful interaction between the characters is classic Mentaiko Itto, highlighting camaraderie and a touch of humor. If you're into scenes that capture everyday moments with a bara twist, this one's a keeper.

Mentaiko Itto’s Work is Perfect for Bara Fans

If you’re a Mentaiko Itto fan, this poster book is a dream come true. The large format means you can appreciate every little detail, and the posters are ready for framing. It’s like having a mini gallery of Itto’s best work right in your own home. And if you’re new to his work, this book is a perfect introduction to his unique Bara style and storytelling.

 Here's another dynamic poster from the "Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1." This one captures an intense moment between two muscular fighters, their raw power and competitive spirit on full display. The sweat, the muscles, the fierce expressions—it's everything you could want in a bara manga poster. Mentaiko Itto knows how to create scenes that are not just visually appealing but also packed with energy.

A Broader Audience from Bruno Gmünder

Bruno Gmünder has done an amazing job bringing Mentaiko Itto’s work to a broader audience. The success of "Priapus" and "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" showed there’s a huge need and appreciation for Itto’s art outside of Japan. This poster book is just the next step in spreading the joy of his work even further.

 Here's another stunning piece from "Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1." This poster features a bold and adventurous scene with a guy in traditional Japanese attire riding a magnificent dragon. The blend of action, fantasy, and bara aesthetics is mesmerizing. The vibrant colors and intricate details bring out the dynamic energy of the scene. It's like a bara twist on a mythical adventure!

Final Thoughts on "Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1: Gay Manga"

"Mentaiko Itto Poster Book 1: Gay Manga" is a must-have for any fan of gay and Bara manga. This collection celebrates the vibrant, playful, and often erotic world of Mentaiko Itto. With its large-scale format and beautiful illustrations, it’s the perfect way to enjoy his work. 

So, if you’re looking to add some fun and color to your life, grab this poster book. It’s a piece of Mentaiko Itto’s whimsical world. Trust me, your walls will thank you.

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