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Just Some Bara Manga to Add to Your Reading List

Hey there, it's Nash. So, let's chat about something close to my heart: Bara and Bara Manga. I’ll be recommending some Bara reads today. Some like “Papa Naoto and Papa Tomoyuki” or just work in general by Naop. For those who might not be familiar, Bara is this genre that's all about focusing on the masculine side of gay relationships. Especially for someone like me who was solely reading Yaoi and watching Boys Love for years until Bara was introduced to me awhile back.

Here on Boys Love Universe we are all about helping people discover more Bara type of content. It is more of a niche and much less marketed than Yaoi and BL. In Bara Manga, you'll find characters who are strong, burly, and actually have good anatomy (not like those horrid Yaoi hands and strange proportions). But it's not just about their physicality; these stories dive deep into the complex aspects of gay relationships or just gay men in general.

Bara Manga to Read and Enjoy

"Papa Naoto and Papa Tomoyuki" by Ochaocha Honpo (Chabashira Tatsukichi) Cover

"Papa Naoto and Papa Tomoyuki" by Ochaocha Honpo (Chabashira Tatsukichi)

Naoto, the archetype of a diligent office worker, married and a father, finds himself entranced by his friend Tomoyuki's... let's say, 'impressive assets'. The narrative takes us through Naoto's internal struggle as he grapples with his newfound desires. The tension between his duty and desire is the focus, making for an enticing read. It's guilt, pleasure, and an exploration of forbidden love. The portrayal of Naoto's gradual submission to his desires is both charged and emotionally complex.

The next segment dives deeper into the psychological aspects. Naoto's guilt-ridden attempts to resist Tomoyuki add layers to their relationship. The blend of emotional turmoil and physical intimacy creates a mix that's hard to resist. As Naoto succumbs to his desires, the story balances the raw physicality with the emotional stakes involved, adding depth to their escapades.

"Priapus" by Mentaiko Itto Cover

"Priapus" by Mentaiko Itto

Here, we have a mythical twist with a touch of social commentary. Zeus, frustrated with humanity, tasks Priapus with a rather unorthodox mission: turning all men gay. The narrative explores themes of sexuality and societal norms through a mythological lens. Priapus' encounter with Ousuke Sakura is just the beginning of this divine mission, opening avenues for both humor and thought-provoking scenarios.

Continuing his mission, Priapus arrives in rural Japan and meets Honda, a police officer. The setting shift adds a new dimension to the story. The interactions between Priapus and Honda are bound to be filled with both tension and humor, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.

Works by Naop

Naop is renowned for his Bara works, a genre known for its depiction of masculine men and often more mature, muscular figures compared to the typically slimmer characters in Yaoi. Naop's works stand out for their art style that’s hard not to recognize. Some works you might be familiar with is"Noisy Dog" and others that explore various aspects of male relationships and pleasure often with a more mature and realistic approach (specifically to the anatomy). Also a huge fan of their game CGs like from "Kuro no Grimoire" and "Tokyo After School Summoners".

Fans of Bara will appreciate these stories, from their steamy encounters to the depths they explore. I will also be recommending Bara artists to help the Bara community out a bit and give them a better platform that’s more than just random sites that have random ad porn or just ads galore. It’s not fair that Bara isn’t as marketed as Yaoi and doesn’t even get talked about as much. So enjoy my random Bara musings going forward here on Boys Love Universe.


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