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"I Wish You Love" (2024) - Boys Love Review

"I Wish You Love" draws us into a story about personal discovery and reconnecting with a long-lost friend. The series focuses on Pond, whose fascination with mirrors goes beyond vanity, exploring themes of self-reflection and the realities of those we thought we knew.

"I Wish You Love" (2024) Review

Pond: From Vanity to Empathy

At first, Pond seems out of touch, his interest in mirrors appearing narcissistic. However, as the story progresses, his character reveals depth. Pond's journey begins when he unexpectedly travels through a mirror into the sickroom of his old high school friend, Mawin. What seemed like arrogance is actually a protective layer for a kind heart, especially towards Mawin. His transformation from self-centered to genuinely caring is well portrayed, showing a side of him that was hidden by his confident exterior.

Mawin: Central Yet Underexplored

Mawin's character, while important, feels underdeveloped. Confined by an undefined illness and isolated, his backstory lacks detail, making it hard to fully connect with him or understand his relationship with Pond. The series hints at potential but leaves too many questions unanswered, which affects the impact of his role.

The Mirror's Symbolism

The mirror is a key element in "I Wish You Love," symbolizing a magical link between past and present, Pond and Mawin. However, its role feels more symbolic than functional, missing the chance to enhance the magical realism of the story.

Casting Choices

The age difference between Pond and Mawin’s actors adds complexity. Pond's actor, at 44, appears older than his character should be, creating a visual mismatch that affects their dynamics. While this could have added depth, it instead muddles the chemistry essential for a Boys Love series.

Final Thoughts

"I Wish You Love" has moments of genuine emotion and potential brilliance but struggles with character development and plot structure. Despite its flaws, the series offers a unique take on self-discovery and the power of reconnecting, making it worth watching for those interested in emotional depth and introspective journeys. It reminds us how reflections, both literal and metaphorical, can reveal unexpected truths and reconnect us with lost parts of ourselves and others.

"I Wish You Love" Photos

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