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"Anti Reset" (2024) - Boys Love Review

The Boys Love series "Anti Reset" dives into the heartfelt relationship between Chu Yi Ping, a man struggling emotionally, and Ever 9, an experimental intelligent robot sent to help him after a disabling accident at school. The story questions the essence of companionship and loyalty as it explores the boundaries between human emotions and artificial intelligence.

Boys Love series "Anti Reset" Review

Chu Yi Ping's Emotional Journey

Yi Ping is initially reluctant to accept Ever 9's help. However, he soon realizes that Ever 9 is more than just a machine. It not only aids him physically but also complements his emotional needs. As their bond deepens, Yi Ping encourages Ever 9 to create and pursue a wish list, symbolizing their growing connection and understanding.

The Challenge of Ever 9's Reset

The story takes a dramatic turn when Ever 9 malfunctions and needs repairs that include a system reset, threatening to erase their shared memories. After the reset, Ever 9's demeanor changes. The robot rushes to complete the wish list, shows disinterest in Yi Ping, and even asks to be returned to the company. This sudden shift leaves Yi Ping bewildered and heartbroken, facing the painful possibility that their emotional bond might be lost to technology's limitations.

Testing the Promise of Togetherness

Yi Ping's journey with Ever 9 raises questions about relationships and whether artificial intelligence can truly reciprocate human feelings. As Yi Ping deals with Ever 9's changed behavior post-reset, he reflects on his own transformation—learning to feel and love from a robot designed to be emotionless. The irony is striking, highlighting the complexities of their intertwined lives and the cruel twist of technology that offers companionship but can also take it away.

Final Thoughts

"Anti Reset" is a touching exploration of what it means to be human in the age of advanced robotics. It challenges viewers to consider whether a robot, capable of teaching a man about love and companionship, can itself learn the permanence of loyalty and togetherness. The film leaves the audience pondering the resilience of emotional connections in the face of technological resets, making "Anti Reset" a thought-provoking watch for those intrigued by the evolving dynamics between humans and technology.

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