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"Buddie" Fever Hits Fans as 9-1-1 Moves to ABC – The Hopes for Buck x Eddie to Go Canon

The highly anticipated move of 9-1-1 to ABC on March 14, 2023, has sparked waves of excitement among fans, especially those rooting for the "Buddie" ship. The dynamic duo of Buck and Eddie has captured the hearts of viewers, with many in the show's passionate fan base yearning for the bond between the two firefighters to evolve into a romantic relationship on screen. So when's it gonna happen? Will "Buddie" finally become canon now that ABC is the new network?

As the hit show transitions to its new home on ABC, the fervor for Buddie – the couple name affectionately given to Buck and Eddie by their ardent supporters – has reached new heights. Social media is abuzz with speculation, fan theories, and earnest hopes that the upcoming season will solidify the pair's relationship, making it a canon reality.

The chemistry between Buck (Oliver Stark) and Eddie (Ryan Guzman) has been undeniable from the start. Their deep connection and mutual respect, coupled with the emotional support they provide each other, both on and off duty, have provided fodder for the imagination of fans. The term "Buddie" is huge within the 9-1-1 community, signifying the collective wish for a deeper exploration of their relationship.

As the show continues to tackle heart-stopping emergencies and intense personal dramas, it's the quiet moments of vulnerability between Buck and Eddie that have shippers holding their breath. The duo's interactions are often loaded with an intensity that goes beyond mere friendship, suggesting an undercurrent of unspoken affection that has yet to be fully addressed on screen.

The anticipation for the new season on ABC has been intensified by all these fan theories for months. This has only served to fuel the Buddie shippers' hopes that Buck and Eddie's relationship will take center stage and receive the romantic acknowledgment they believe it deserves.

Fan campaigns, hashtag trends, and fanfiction are just a few ways the Buddie community expresses their desire for this ship to sail. The strong writing and character development that 9-1-1 has consistently delivered (unless we mention some really terrible seasons and moments), has created a bond between viewers and characters that is deeply felt.

As March 14 approaches, the question on everyone's mind is whether ABC's new season of 9-1-1 will finally bring Buddie fans the moment they've been waiting for. Will Buck and Eddie's relationship transcend friendship? Will the subtle glances and intimate exchanges create a love story that many are hoping for? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the Buddie fandom is watching, and they're ready for their ship to set sail into canon waters.

Buck x Eddie has become a ship that has set course in the hearts of viewers, eager to reach the shores of canon on the waves of ABC's 9-1-1.


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