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The '9-1-1' Family: If Buddie is Canon

There's a beautiful dynamic about the '9-1-1' team that makes their bond feel like family. That's right, I'm talking about the palpable chemistry, the inside jokes, the warmth they radiate on and off duty. And it's this same love and camaraderie that could form the backbone of support for a potential Buddie romance.

Hen Wilson, our beloved paramedic and the team's moral compass, has always shown incredible empathy for her peers. Her supportive nature would undoubtedly extend to a blossoming romance between Buck and Eddie. Hen's bond with Buck is strong, and she's always been there for him, whether it's being his confidant when he was dealing with Abby's departure or helping him out during the Lawsuit debacle. She'd likely be the first one to notice the change in dynamics between Buck and Eddie, and she would no doubt handle it with grace and understanding. And honestly, who could resist Hen's warm hugs and reassuring words?

Next up, we've got Bobby Nash, the captain of the 118 and the father figure of the group. Bobby's got a heart of gold and a wisdom that seems to know no bounds. He's been through his own fair share of emotional turmoil and personal growth, which gives him a unique perspective on love and relationships. His relationship with Athena proves that he values emotional depth and honesty, two qualities that already exist between Buck and Eddie. Can't you just imagine Bobby giving some heartfelt advice to Buddie as they navigate their feelings for each other?

And then there's Madeline 'Maddie' Buckley, Buck's loving and fiercely protective older sister. Maddie has always been in Buck's corner, encouraging him to grow, to be honest with himself, and to seek happiness. Remember when she helped Buck to understand his worth during the "Buck Begins" episode? That kind of emotional insight and unwavering support would be invaluable as Buck explores his feelings for Eddie.

Chimney Han would undoubtedly be on board. Chim has always been a voice of reason, offering up wisdom with a dash of humor. His emotional intelligence and understanding nature would provide Buck and Eddie with a safe space to express their feelings.

Last but not least, we can't forget about Eddie's adorable son, Christopher. This little guy has been the heart and soul of Eddie and Buck's relationship. Buck's bond with Christopher is strong, built on trust, love, and mutual adoration. Christopher's acceptance and love for Buck as he is could serve as a mirror for Eddie, helping him recognize his own feelings for Buck.

In essence, the '9-1-1' family is a blend of understanding, love, and mutual respect - the perfect nurturing environment for a budding romance. Each of these characters, with their own experiences and insights, could offer support and acceptance to Buddie as they navigate their relationship.

Because, let's face it, if there's anyone who can handle a love as big and complex as Buddie's, it's the '9-1-1' family. They've been through fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, and more. They've supported each other through personal crises and celebrated joyous moments together. They're more than just a team - they're family. And if Buddie becomes a reality, they'll undoubtedly have their family right there with them, cheering them on every step of the way.


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