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6 More Bara Furry Games For Your Collection

Need more Bara Furry Games for your collection? Jump into into the Bara Furry games genre once again, let's spotlight some titles that stand out for their premises, engaging gameplay, and, let's not shy away from it, their kinks. These games each bring something special from high-stakes intrigue to sexy encounters, proving that the world of adult gay furry games has some awesome titles. So, here are some recommendations you won't want to miss!

Bara Furry Games For Your Collection

 In the image from the bara furry game "SNC Counselor," an imposing red bull with devilish horns and a caring demeanor is seen in a close and tender moment with a smaller, light-green-haired character against a backdrop of pink starry effects, suggestive of a dramatic and potentially romantic scene within the game's narrative about counseling supernatural creatures.

In SNC Counselor, you're thrown into a world that feels like it's straight out of an SCP Foundation fan's dream. Here, you play as a counselor for SNC, which stands for Supernatural Creatures. Your job? To help these beings adapt and blend into human society. The game is a rollercoaster ride of living with beastly creatures, engaging in heartfelt conversations, and embarking on state missions. 

"Uncommon Breed": An image from the bara furry game "Uncommon Breed," depicting two robust, armored anthropomorphic characters in a pub setting, which teases the game's blend of dating, combat, and relationship dynamics within a fantasy world.

Uncommon Breed sets itself apart as more than just a visual novel. It's a labor of love that showcases the developer's journey in mastering Unity, with the ambition of creating more complex games in the future. This game evolves with every update, featuring a PUB as a central hub for dating, an RPG-style combat system influenced by your relationships, and an upcoming questing system. Dive into the story of a budding hero who unites a group of outlaws to save their home, where personal bonds translate into combat strength, and every decision affects your path and potential romances.

"Morenatsu / 漏れなつ。": The main cast from the bara furry game "Morenatsu" is presented in a group shot against a blue sky, highlighting a variety of beastmen in casual and summer attire, indicative of the game's narrative focusing on summer romance and rekindled friendships in a rural village.

Morenatsu is a classic in the realm of furry visual novels, inviting players to immerse themselves in a nostalgic summer vacation in Japan. Returning to your childhood village, you're greeted by childhood friends, now all grown up. The game offers a month-long journey of rekindling friendships and possibly sparking new romances with one of the nine main characters. Your choices carve the path to various outcomes, from deep emotional connections to passionate encounters, all set against the backdrop of a serene, rural village.

"RainCheck": A scene from the bara furry game "RainCheck," where a large red dragon-like character is highlighted with a focus on his pronounced bulge, capturing the game's blend of intrigue and mature themes in a mystery thriller setting.

Rain Check immerses players in a suspense-filled narrative, where mystery and unpredictable weather blend into a compelling story. Follow Theodore, a golden tiger who finds himself caught in danger after meeting a mysterious wolf on his way to a tech convention. The game is a thrilling mix of mystery, action, and survival, challenging players to navigate through a city shrouded in secrets with a group of diverse investigators. Your decisions shape Theodore's fate, as you unravel the city's dark underbelly and confront the unknown.

"Benki Wars / 便機戦争": A dynamic illustration from the bara furry game "Benki Wars," showcasing a tiger, a wolf, and a polar bear dressed in military attire against a sky backdrop, representing the game's humorous and action-packed battle for the mysterious substance UNKO.

Benki Wars offers a quirky, action-packed experience centered around the battle for a mysterious substance called UNKO. This game blends fast-paced shooting action with the life of powerful furries in the army. Level up by increasing your ERP (erotic point) gauge, leading to naughty and exciting gameplay. It's a unique fusion of humor, action, and adult themes, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience.

"Disguise": An image from the bara furry game "SNC Counselor" featuring a stoic grey character in a business suit and a muscular dog with a fitness tank top having an apologetic interaction on an urban night street, reflecting the game's theme of integrating supernatural creatures into human society.

Disguise is a mature, gay furry visual novel that explores the complexities of living a double life. You step into the shoes of a middle-aged black panther, leading a seemingly successful life by day and exploring his true desires by night. The game delves into themes of identity, loneliness, and the masks we wear, presenting players with a story that's both erotic and entertaining.

Looking for an action-packed journey, a heartwarming summer romance, or a deep dive into the complexities of identity and disguise? These Bara Furry games cover it all!


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