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9 Bara Furry Games and Visual Novels to Play

For fans of Bara Furry Games and Visual Novels, finding games that cater to these specific interests can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt. They aren't promoted like...ever. Fear not, for we've compiled a list of 9 Furry Bara Games that will surely entertain and engage. These games range from romantic, adventurous, to downright sexy, offering something for every fan of the genre.

9 More Furry Bara Games and Visual Novels to Play

Two anthropomorphic characters in an illustrated style appear in a visual novel game scene. The character in the foreground is a white fox-like creature with a green headband, blushing and looking shocked. The background character is a larger, red wolf-like figure with a surprised expression, being comically squeezed by the fox character. Text on the screen humorously reads, "I don't think you'll get any milk no matter how much you squeeze, pal." The interface suggests gameplay options like skip, auto, save, load, and configuration settings are available.

In the peaceful yet peculiar town known for its heroic visitors, the Grapes Inn stands out not for its hospitality to heroes but for its staunch innkeeper, Rudolf, who'd rather turn heroes away than welcome them. This all changes when Figaro, a hero with no memory and an instant love for Rudolf, arrives. Despite Rudolf's attempts to dismiss him, fate intervenes, leading to Figaro becoming his helper amidst a cast of unique characters and looming threats. Chardonnay Romacia is a tale of debts, festivals, and an inn that must be defended at all costs.

 A vibrant illustration featuring four anthropomorphic animal characters, each exhibiting a unique expression and attire that suggest distinct personalities or roles. From left to right: a black and green dragon-like character wearing a helmet and red scarf, mouth agape; a smirking lion in futuristic goggles and armor; a cheerful brown avian character with glasses and a white coat; and a stoic-looking character with an armored appearance and a shawl, resembling a rhinoceros. The characters are set against a colorful, stylized nameplate with Japanese characters, indicating the title of the game or series they belong to.

Oschemo Island is a paradise with a twist, offering uninhibited sexual freedom with its oskemo inhabitants. As the protagonist arrives to indulge in this reputed paradise, he quickly learns that the island holds a deeper secret. The game invites players into a lush, mysterious setting where every corner hides a revelation, challenging what you thought you knew about paradise.

An intense scene from a visual novel showing an angry black wolf-like character with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth baring, shouting "SHUT UP!" against a backdrop of a darkened interior, with the game's dialogue and control options displayed.

Thrown into a strange, new world, you awake with only fragments of your past life. Far Beyond the World plunges you into a realm of fantasy, where navigating tribal politics among the Wolves of Avalan becomes your new reality. With love and distraction intertwining, this game tests your ability to trust your heart and make critical decisions that shape your path and relationships in this unfamiliar world.

A detailed illustration of a proud, warrior-like character with boar features, wielding a spear and wearing traditional armor with a fur trim, reflected in a mirror as he prepares for battle and sex.

In a world teetering on the brink of destruction, adventurers from all corners are called to defeat the Dragon King and restore balance. As relics unearthed from "labyrinths" spark a global conflict, one warrior unexpectedly inherits the power of a dragon god, thrusting them into a saga of power struggles and existential dilemmas. Another Eidos Of Dragon Vein R explores themes of power, vulnerability, and the quest for a purpose amidst chaos.

A gameplay mechanic image showing an interactive interface with two close-up illustrations of an anthropomorphic character's hands performing actions, set against dialogue boxes and a satisfaction meter indicating game progress.

Colby, employed by the valiant Furry Warrior Zigmar, finds himself on the verge of completing their quest. As emotions run deep, Colby ventures into forbidden territory, exploring his feelings and desires in the still of the night. This game challenges players to navigate the complexities of love and attraction under the guise of darkness, all while maintaining stealth and sensitivity.

 A visual novel scene depicting a startled black wolf-like character peeking from under the covers in bed, with expressive eyes and a blush on its cheeks. The interface suggests interactive game options are available to the player

After overworking to the point of collapse, the protagonist retreats to a seaside village for recovery, only to find himself amidst mysterious earthquakes and a dire warning about the village's fountain. Lagoon Lounge: The Poisonous Fountain is a visual novel that explores recovery, friendship, and the mysteries that bind them together, all within a community teeming with furry characters and potential romances.

A burly, bear-like character lounging in a hot spring, wearing glasses and grinning contentedly. The water's gentle ripples and the steamy environment suggest a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

In a future where furries dominate and humans are rare, the protagonist seeks a fresh start in a high school brimming with furries. Joining the Bakabu club, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, finding humor, friendship, and perhaps more in the most unexpected places. Bakabu invites players to challenge societal norms and embrace one's identity in a world turned upside down.

A vibrant close-up illustration of two anthropomorphic characters, an orange tiger-like figure and a reddish-brown fox-like figure, smiling at each other with their noses touching in an affectionate and playful manner.

Developed by KENN in collaboration with Hachi, To My Loved One is a light novel game that delves into themes of love and connection through engaging storytelling and captivating visuals. Released as a free game, it offers players a heartfelt exploration of relationships, promising an experience that's both enriching and profoundly touching.

Two muscular anthropomorphic animal characters relaxing together, with a content expression on the face of the lion-like figure, and the wolf-like figure crossed his arms with a smirk. A game console floats between them amidst a flurry of softly glowing particles, suggesting a cozy gaming session in a Japanese-style room.

In the expansive digital world of "Onrain," a social networking platform that caters to many interests, Haru Inukai (Hajime Inukai) finds himself at the helm of a popular community. The narrative takes a curious turn as Haru receives an unexpected challenge from a familiar ID on the eve of a long weekend. The message from Watora is cryptic yet provocative: "In just three days! Can you conquer him?" This game sets players on a thrilling quest filled with mystery and the challenge of understanding what lies behind the screen. Engage in a story where social media becomes the battleground for connection, understanding, and perhaps, a touch of romance.

These games have great storytelling, fantasy, and the exploration of complex emotions and relationships, offering so much love for fans of the furry and bara genres. Romance, sex, adventure, or a mix of it all, this list promises a variety of games that are heard of or are rare finds.

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