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5 More Bara Games to Play

Need more Bara Game recommendations? These titles explore themes and stories that are, let's just say, very interactive for Bara Games. We also like featuring both popular and smaller indie game developers in the Bara space to mix it up. So here are 5 More Bara Games to Play all discovered on

5 Bara Games to add to your Bara Game List

Survival in Baradise

Now, this game is a mix of adventure and, well, some steamy events. Set on a mysterious island populated only by men and therians (which I guess adds to the exotic vibe?), it's not just about survival but also about enjoying some... animated adult content. They've got a Patreon going on for the English translation, so if you're itching to get into it, you might want to show some support.

Sirius Summer

Moving on to something a bit more dramatic, we have 'Sirius Summer'. Think high school drama but with a twist - the main character is a gangster's son cursed to find true love's kiss within a week or face dire consequences. It's like a race against time with a side of romance and... possibly more. The game boasts a whopping 23 endings and over 200 illustrations, so you're in for a lot of content.

Milking Factory

Alright, the title itself is a dead giveaway that this isn't your typical game. Developed by @thebluemon, it's a bit more interactive with options to interact and remove clothing. Just a heads up, it's better played on a PC than mobile. Like much more. Expect a unique, possibly cheeky experience. Literally.

Here we have an action RPG that takes inspiration from Castlevania, but with a gay twist. This game promises a full experience with voice acting and meticulously crafted music. It's an intriguing blend of classic gaming and modern queer narratives.

Alpha Hole Prison

This one's a heavy hitter in terms of content. Plus it’s Y Press Games so you know this is a good pick. It's a character-driven dating sim set in a notorious space prison. The stakes are high with a vast array of choices, endings, and animated scenes. It's intense, with themes that might not be for the faint-hearted. Also, there's a DLC called 'Unfinished Business' that adds even more depth and choices to the storyline.

We’ve got adventure, romance, and drama with all the Bara flair. Something light-hearted? Sure! More intense, there's likely something in this list that will catch your interest. We’ve got more Bara Game recommendations coming up soon. And be sure to join the r/baragames SubReddit to chat all about Bara Games of course!


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