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Of Sense and Soul, a Queer Victorian Romance on Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign for Of Sense and Soul, a charming LGBT+ historical romance visual novel set in 1870s London, is in its final week! Be sure to check out their Kickstarter HERE to learn more! This promising game by Forsythia Productions follows the intertwining paths of two protagonists, an editorialist, and a gentleman, who have an unusual first encounter through a misconstrued personal ad. As they navigate through the smog-covered streets of Victorian London, they face their own regrets and must decide whether to follow their hearts or conform to the status quo.

Of Sense and Soul

Of Sense and Soul promises an engaging experience with two-player routes, each consisting of 12 chapters and multiple unique endings. With approximately 100,000 words of story spread across 24 chapters, players can expect 8-12 hours of gameplay. The narrative is enhanced by stunning scene direction, varied sprite animations, and beautiful watercolor-inspired artwork that pays attention to historical details.

The game also boasts a diverse cast of characters that enrich Hugo and Seamus' lives, and players' choices in unique menus will influence the outcome. Moreover, a fully original soundtrack inspired by contemporary and historical music adds a compelling layer to the experience.

Of Sense and Soul

If you're a fan of romance, historical settings, and captivating stories, consider supporting Of Sense and Soul on Kickstarter. Help bring this heartfelt project to life and join the journey of love and self-discovery in Victorian London. Support the project by checking out the link below!


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