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Meet Bevvy: "I Married a Monster on a Hill" Comic

Bevvy Hills I Married a Monster on a Hill Comic

Read "I Married a Monster on a Hill" on Boys Love Universe!

Exciting news for fans of Boys Love, Yaoi, and Bara genres! Boys Love Universe is now featuring "I Married a Monster on a Hill," a slice-of-life comic created by our parent company All Ages of Geek.

Alongside All Ages of Geek's sister team, this comic series is co-produced and edited by a dedicated gay writing team, infusing authentic perspectives into the story. First up is Bevvy Hills the retired knight and now caretaker who loves a good dad joke. Discover more about Bevvy below and check out the "I Married a Monster on a Hill" Page for more information on the project!

Watch the Dubbed version of the comic!

Would you rather listen and watch the comic? Check out the video with voice actor Oliver Smith casted as Bevvy!

Bevvy Hills Visual Novel Sprite
Bevvy Hills Visual Novel Sprite

About Bevvy Hills

A retired knight, a dedicated husband, a gnome collector but also a jealous, dorky mess, Bevvy has a life of ups, downs and has been all around. Despite growing up in a neglectful family plagued by a history of darkness and pain, he consistently ensures to embody kindness. His late mother's connection to a sinister group deeply hurt his trust. Thankfully, his bond with his father brings comfort and joy to his life. As the loving husband and caretaker to August, he has been through extreme measures to keep them and their monster form safe from harm.

Working for August's wealthy and corrupt family, Bevvy has been dedicated to them for many years. And despite how terrible the family treated him and tried to get rid of his knight status, he never left August’s side. His greatest trait is his loyalty along with his lovable nature. His goal is to alway keep August safe. While he's easy to get jealous of anyone who may "flirt" with August (despite August being only dedicated to Bevvy) he is a nurturer, dedicated and huggable partner to count on. He now loves creating jewelry, miniatures and collecting car toys!

Dad jokes come easy with Bevvy along with a lot of songs, dates and surprises. He loves teasing August in a cute but flirtatious way and finding ways to improve upon the family they have built for themselves. He’s also pretty fun to pick on too, but of course in a very playful way (sometimes)!

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