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"I Married a Monster on a Hill" Married Gays, Married Kinks and Married Cuties

Hey folks, Nash here! I've got something to share with you today. We're diving into "I Married a Monster on a Hill", an upcoming adult visual novel series produced by the creators of Boys Love Universe and All Ages of Geek! Let's talk about why this is exciting to me (not even for my personal involvement) but why the development is cool to watch online.

Married, Husbands and Everyday Struggles

First things first, "I Married a Monster on a Hill" isn't your typical BL game. Sure, it's got all the steamy, NSFW moments you'd expect (as I'm a beta-reader and know, I just know), but it's the storytelling and the representation that make me smile. This series is focusing on married couples and their everyday lives. Like shopping or shaving...areas...or just being cute couples and going on dates.

Huh? Gay men being married? What? Wait is that a shocker? No, but what I mean is it's not a game trying to get gays married. It's a game focused on gay marriage. Well to be frank there are tons of other characters being featured, but there are options on who you want to focus on. And I'm here for the gay side of things.

Yeah the chase is fun and all but game dynamic wise this is going to be interesting (I don't know much about the development scene but I do know it's different). But here's the kicker: the creators are working closely with readers and writers (like me) to ensure the gay aspects of the series are authentic and relatable. They also credit, which is great to see from an indie soon-to-be studio.

The Art and Chests?

Now, let's talk art. We've got a sneak peek at two characters, Bevvy and Damien, and let me tell you, boys be thick. The art reveals their "chest" pieces in a way that's making me want to see the full design which I haven't yet.

Adult Games that are Cute

"I Married a Monster on a Hill" is not shy about its NSFW content, but it also understands that plot and character development are crucial. This balance is what I'm most excited about. The NSFW scenes are added to the story in a way that enhances the overall experience.

Plus the characters all have history together so you'll get to know what each fella likes (especially because of that long form history). Their kinks, what makes them mad, sad, happy, or just major turn offs. And just like real-life marriage doesn't always work out for the best. Who in their right mind thinks marriage is just happy and sunshine rainbows? This deals with that drama.

Why This Matters?

For too long, adult games, especially those in the Yaoi and Bara genres, have been sidelined or not taken seriously. Gross. Like it's time we give more love to gay games. That.. or some games mainly focus on huge dilemmas or just plain porn (which hey I'm all about) where they forget about their characters. I know a bunch of visual novel gay game studios that do it right, but there are some that still need to stop just pushing out porn.

I love porn in games, I do. No lying here. But when you legit just have porn what's the difference of having a fully developed game vs just downloading the porn images? There should be at least some kind of take away from game, and that's usually plot. Speaking of, read about what fans of gay visual novels are saying and what needs to change!

Explore the world of "I Married a Monster on a Hill"

"I Married a Monster on a Hill" is crafting an interactive world where obviously the adult side can be enjoyed, but you can also find yourself exploring and getting to know each character. The series is just making me happy. Seeing it slowly get developed and to see the creators interacting with voice actors, giving proper representation and just overall seeing the art maturing over the months, it's great to be a part of it all.

And what's great to see is the development is happening before it's getting funded on Kickstarter. Which I enjoy seeing as a supporter of visual novel games and devs, but that also means the devs are funding this themselves before any big Kickstarter release. That also shows potential and promise for what the Kickstarter will offer in full.

Until then just be happy with gay games that are cute like this. I know a bunch and it's why I'm writing for Boys Love Universe. To showcase these gay games!


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